From Avatar Clothes to 1-UPs: Why Everything Should Be DLC


Everything has value. Or rather, everything has the potential to hold value (or Utility, if you want the proper term) for someone.

Not every value can be easily translated into currency, however. Putting a monetary value on human life, for instance, is controversial. Luckily, we are not talking about these. We are talking about everything else, from physical goods, like the chair you are sitting on, to virtual ones.

For instance, how much would you pay for an Achievement?"

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Lelldorianx2463d ago

$0. That's how much I'd pay.

Hey, you asked.

farhsa20082463d ago

If this happens I quit gaming!

LackTrue4K2463d ago

lol....they could of used another game as an example! Red Dead has alot of FREE DLC, even if it is small stuff.