Modern Warfare 3: New Prestige Shop, Matchmaking and Weapon Rank details

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has been revealing a massive amount of details about how Modern Warfare 3′s Prestige Shop works, as well as improvements to Matchmaking and protection from hacking for Leaderboards, and the weapon ranking system and unlockable weapon proficiencies.

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SJPFTW2429d ago

no search preferences like black ops? i thought this was supposed to be an upgrade?

just like in MW2 good to know IW doesn't mind me getting sorted out into a game where the host is in Spain and IM IN CANADA!!!

GraveLord2429d ago

It will have it. Its just not one of those things so important worth mentioning.

SJPFTW2429d ago

they just said it wont have search prefrences.

Jumper092429d ago

people still care about modern mappack 3??
Battlefield 3 is comint out tomorrow ;D

The Meerkat2429d ago


See, I can do it too mommy.

Fylus2428d ago

Because what you said made sense.

Gamer-Z2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Dude every COD that's come after COD4 has been a downgrade.

COD4 (perfect) > WAW (Ok) > MW2 (WTF!) > BO (boring) > MW3 (?)

Swiggins2429d ago

Step 1. Release Call of Duty.

Step 2. ?????

Step 3. Profit.

BlitzAK2429d ago

Im sorry to say, but CoD 4 was the worst of the lot.

SJPFTW2429d ago

cant play a game without noob crutches i see

NuclearDuke2429d ago

Go into CoD4, even one year ago. All you will find is modded servers using ProMod, StarWars Mod or Paintball mod.

You find nearly ZERO original(vanilla) servers playing what Call of Duty 4 was released at.

Stop saying Call of Duty 4 was perfect. Everyone modded the shit out of it to cater towards their personal needs. No wonder Modern Warfare 2 didn't release mod tools with the rape that CoD4 saw in terms of being modded apart.

WaW was considered "OK" because it went from Modern Warfare to WWII-warfare. MW2 wasn't considered good due to the lack of dedicated servers and due to the lawsuit between Vince Zampella & Jason West and Activision, that wasn't properly maintained. It still sold as the #2 best FPS ever.

Black Ops is the #1 most sold FPS. No one near, except for an Activision studio, named Infinity Ward. They are now in cooperation with Sledgehammer & Raven Software working on MW3, nearly three new studios seeing as Infinity Ward split in two. One part stayed the other part created Respawn Entertainment.

Get to know your facts and play each individual game before you speak. I actually doubt you even played CoD4 with that teen-anime-fag avatar your carrying.

Gamer-Z2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

LOl kids these days...

First, I realize COD4 is a hackfest now but when it released back in 2007 it was perfect there's no denying that.

Second, i probably been playing COD before you even got into it and yes i have played every COD ever released so yeah you can say pretty knowledgeable when it comes to COD.

Third, you don't know shit about games because you obviously failed to recognize my avatar.

trenso12428d ago

rofl!! @"teen-anime-fag avatar" you must have started gaming this gen or something if you can't even recognize such an iconic video game character!

GraveLord2429d ago Show
DownR4nge2428d ago

CODMW1 started it all, a runaway winner, wasted months of my time.
CODWaW is good, same multiplayer mechanics but in WW2, a welcome change of weapons
CODMW2 is best, still got the best shooting mechanics, but favored more the best players and infuriated a lot of not so good players, all MW2 changes are from customer feedback though
CODBOP is bad (of the series is worst), the core mechanics of the game (hit detection, weapons, net code, sniping anyone? etc) is below par.

NuclearDuke2428d ago


He changed his avatar, he obviously agreed it was an anime-fag-avatar.

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itzcoo2429d ago

I actually like the sound of the prestige shop. I hated prestiging in black ops because I loved the g11. Now I could prestige and use my token to unlock it early :) I should start the game with 4 tokens.

hotskys2428d ago

Of course you liked the G11, it was only the most over-powered piece of shit in the game.

itzcoo2428d ago

Not really it works just like the m16 in cod4 and the famas and mw2.
You have to know how to use it to be good with it otherwise everbody would be using it right?
What gun did you use the famas? Galil? Get out of here

itzcoo2428d ago

Not really it works just like the m16 in cod4 and the famas and mw2.
You have to know how to use it to be good with it otherwise everbody would be using it right?
What gun do you use the famas?
Get out of here

hotskys2428d ago

Nope, I used the Ak 47 and the commando, mp5 and the l96. Problem with those guns? yeah i suppose they're just as cheap as a 1 hit gun.

Cod developers put 1 hit guns in their games so bad kids are attracted to it.

trenso12428d ago

thats what i was thinking too. or i might just save them cause there really isnt anything in the shop i cant do myself.

NewVegasTroop2429d ago

mw3 better support dual-sign in for psn.....

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