World of Warcraft expansion making fans angry

It turns out that making an expansion about Pandas is a stupid idea, even with a user-base as big as that of World of Warcraft, you might lose your core audience.

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undercovrr2311d ago

When i first heard the rumours, i had no doubt in my mind that it was a joke. Now that the expansion is officially announced i'm left thinking: "what was Blizzard smoking?"

The Meerkat2311d ago

Sounds like dried bamboo leaves.

Reibooi2311d ago

I thought the same. The first few news storys of if when it popped up i laughed and thought it was a joke and only now am I starting to realize they are serious. What they hell are they thinking? A big complaint against WoW is it's cartoony nature and this sure as hell isn't gonna help. ARe they trying to kill the game so players will go to their next MMO? I mean I just don't get it. It's a terrible idea.

Raf1k12311d ago

I originally thought the next expansion would be new zones in outland with a new hero class being the Demon Hunter like Illidan which TBH would have been much cooler.

EditorAtGNG2311d ago

If they made the expansion filled with burning skeletons that wield futuristic Terminator-like weaponry people would still bitch and moan about it. There's no pleasing anyone on the internet...

undercovrr2311d ago

Yes but much less people would bitch about that than about pandas. Its about pleasing the majority, and more people dislike the new expansions than those who do. Seriously...pandas? It doesn't even fit with the lore, why would there magically be a whole large continent of them that was just discovered. A small island would make more sense.

evrfighter2311d ago

Perhaps that continent is Pandamobile?


This is more of an understood to me, a top wasn't really needed about this in my view. World of Warcraft has had a crap community, and crap content since the beginning of the 3rd expansion "Lich King". All Blizzard has been doing since is coming out with more crap to keep a "long ago" dying game going.


Unimaginative content, more and more newbie gameplay styles, 1 & 2 button wonder wins for characters, insanely casual gameplay. Vanilla W.o.W and Burning Crusade was the last interesting/fun content in my opinion. Then I sold my account for 1500$ because of my fully Arena Geared 2,000+ rating characters.


I love that their new I.P is going to be "A more casual MMO" do you know how stupid that sounds? Titan will be even more crap beyond imagination. W.o.W can't get anymore casual as it is without being able to press one button and your character runs around by itself winning every PvP arena and quest there is.


So WTF do they mean by even more "casual"... I truly, TRULY dislike Blizzard ever since Lich King. It's all made just for money, its not made for it's LORE fans anymore, or NON-casual gamers.... just newbs, and changing the lore to fit Blizzards interests.


Now they have a huge blinded fan base that indulges their shit behavior in current games. Even Starcraft is TOO simple... Warhammer is far superior in complexity for the Strategy genre. People think its all about MPS, (moves per second), that's not strategy; that's called ROUTINE, Redundancy, repetition skill. = NO SKILL. Thanks

Bakkies2311d ago

Pandas... what's wrong with pandas? :P

harrisonxxi2311d ago

people who dont know warcraft lore think that panda's are something new in wow...when pandaran have been in warcraft for ages.

Baka-akaB2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

besides the pandaren havent been in warcraft lore for "ages" , only around the warcraft 3 expansion AS A JOKE and one single hero.

And even in those events , it was treated as a rare thing , not a frickin' whole continent of them .

Hell way back in the early stage of WoW's dev , people actually required the Pandaren to appears as playable . Blizzard folks shot down the idea for various good reasons .

It would have made sense then to have it , and not just popping out magically out of the blue now .

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