PC Gamer - Battlefield 3 first impressions

In light of connection problems with the multiplayer aspect of Battlefield 3, PC Gamer have delayed their review, but offer up first impressions of Battlefield 3's single player campaign, and cover the problems they've experienced so far trying to get into Battlefield 3's multiplayer battles.

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hiredhelp2339d ago

Hopfully the SP get patched asap.

HenryFord2339d ago

hum? What kind of problems do you have? The SP is working just fine over here...

hiredhelp2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Sorry dude i was going by the article, but being that you have played this,guessin youve not seen glitches or legs poking out of walls? Then i guess this review copy of bf3 was early release.
Glad everthing is ok :)
Im in uk so i dont get hands on pc till couple days. :(