Five Reasons This Generation Sucked

E-mpire Writes: We are now six years into this console generation, and with the announcement of Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Wii U, this console generation is inching closer and closer to its inevitable climax. Generally, when a new console cycle is near, people look back upon what was so great about the previous console generation. Those people are NOT us. With the introduction to new novelties such as high definition graphical capabilities, motion controls, and 3D, there was quite a bit that went awry throughout this generation. It’s as if there was almost TOO MUCH technological innovation (read: experimentation) that caused both major and minor issues with developers, publishers, and the consumers. You’re about to read the Five Reasons This Generation Sucked.

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Stuart57562336d ago

For every reason 'This Generation Sucked' there are 10 reasons it was absolutely brilliant. I've loved been a gamer this gen. Thanks devs.

Coded-Dude2336d ago

agreed. there are plenty of reasons to complain, but there are also plenty of things to praise. Although I think I may have been more disappointed this gen then last....

DasBunker2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

i skipped most of the PS2 era but played a few of the best games like MGS2, GOW and RE4 which brought me back to gaming.. there been some surprises this gen.. but idk feels like it was lacking in some aspects specially when i read about all the memorable games from last gen

Marceles2336d ago

My only real gripe with this gen is the lack of memorable JRPGs. There's several that I remember...they just mostly mediocre and were playable but didn't have any replay value. And some just downright sucked.

TooTall192336d ago

Been there since the NES and I really enjoyed this generation. I wish consoles didn't break so often, but other than that the standards for games have been set high.

zerocrossing2336d ago

Good read, and they are some very valid points.

As much as this console generation has offered some great games, they have often been tainted by many of the the reasons given above.

Too_many_games2336d ago

To sum up why this gen has sucked...3 simply letters...FPS

Quagmire2336d ago

I think you meant these three letters; DLC

Sgt_Slaughter2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

The games are great when the developer actually puts time and effort into it, and not make it a yearly released game that has one to two minor tweaks that could have been in a patch. Also the fanboys this generation piss me off. Oh, and now that Activision likes to create a game, take 10% of the game off the disk and then give it to you later on for $15, when it should be available on the disk from Day 1. Just my 2 cents...

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The story is too old to be commented.