New Toy Home Images Released

Gamersyde writes: "Sony and Game Republic released these images of Toy Home. A game that looks good, but whose potential is definitely wasted by SixAxis only control scheme".

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tethered3954d ago

"A game that looks good, but whose potential is definitely wasted by SixAxis only control scheme."

I agree with this 100%.
Sony needs to stop forcing the issue and give us the option to play with it or not. The game could have been really fun. The controls are complete crap.

Skerj3954d ago

Game Republic was on a 2 win streak with Folklore and Dark Mist, why oh why did they have to make this game so? Those motion controls are tacked on, unresponsive, and worthless. That and I HATE motion racing because I've never been one of the ones to turn the controller to try to make the car turn harder, when in fact the controller didn't have that ability. They'll make a few quick bucks but I hope they get back to their other stuff instead of making more quick cash ins.

Makidian3954d ago

IF you have played this game and hate it, then your response is worthwhile, if you haven't then shut up because the controls are just fine and I had a blast playing it. As long as the motion controls are used in tandem with the buttons(hand brake) then there are no problems with the controls. Game Republic is one of the few devs that can make the SIXAXIS worth using, they nailed it with Folklore and this game as well.

tethered3954d ago

I have to politely disagree.
I played the demo and the controls are so bad it is unplayable.

Unless they changed the controls for the game I can't see what you are talking about.

rushbd3954d ago

this game would be too easy without sixaxis. If you are failing to play it then it's your fault. Controls are VERY responsive . My guess is you only tried it for 5 mins and didnt care to try more. because you were trying it hard to make sharp turns weren't you ?? Try hand braking ...