First Super Mario 3D Land review is in

EDGE hands out the lowest score ever to a 3D Mario game, but still has great things to say - quotes inside.

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MrNivea2192d ago

Maybe there realising that it's probably the same thing you see in a Mario game and it's starting to get stale. Although magazines like ONM will still give it a 95% rating, they would never dare give it a low score.

kingdavid2191d ago

It still got 8/10 noob.

Jobesy2191d ago

Its still the same old game. Nothing new, no innovation. I can 100% guarantee you there will be another Super Mario game for Wiiu, and it will be a copy/paste of all the other Super Mario games.

Mykky2191d ago

@ Jobsey
I hope u are kidding and not some fanboy or stupid dude. You just stated the opposite of what Mario games do. Instead of me explaining it to you, go check out the Galaxy 2 reviews. Not the score but what they say about the thing you just stated.

Shackdaddy8362192d ago

Why did people disagree with him? The review was for 8/10...

EazyC2191d ago

FluffyDelusions is infamous on the internet.

BlmThug2192d ago

Your wish will be granted. Nintendo is worse than Activision and EA combined so expect Sudoku and also Mario game show the videogame

TheEatingVodka2191d ago

If new super mario bros got 8 and it was awesome, i guess this one is not different

Infernostew2191d ago

That's the problem, it's not different. Same old nintendo pumping out the same old game.

TheEatingVodka2191d ago

And what's wrong with that? If it's enjoyable then I don't see a problem :)

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