Test Your Knowledge of the Call of Duty Series

Are you a CoD addict? Think you can beat these 15 questions on the Call of Duty series? Suit up solider, it’s time to go over the top.

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iamnsuperman2337d ago

Question 12 is wrong. I put the right answer then told it was incorrect and the answer was the same as my answer

Hufandpuf2337d ago

"Which of these countries is not visited during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?"
1. brasil <- their answer
2. Afghanistan
3. Vietnam <- the correct answer

Shackdaddy8362337d ago

I got 14/15 correct(missed the achievement one) :P

Muckbeast2337d ago

I got 8 out of 15. Not bad since I have never played the game.