Addict of Fiction: Batman Arkham City Review

Addict of Fiction, renown for their sharp eye and grumpy-ness review Batman Arkham City, explaining how they enjoyed it but pointing out many of the bad features that most companies are simply too scared to mention:

"The game is pretty fun, and almost keeps true to the comics. There are a few faults and the ending is really bad. There’s also a choice half way through if you play as catwoman, this ends the game but it actually rewinds!? What’s the point in putting in a choice if it reverses it anyway?"

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Michael-Jackson2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I want to read this but I think it's just troll bait to gain hits.

The guy who submitted this, is probably the one who wrote this.

LOGICWINS2311d ago

I read it. I believe that the guy has legit problems with the game, but he should have specified more about what he meant. Towards the end he just says "the ending is really bad".

Well, why not explain why the ending is "really bad"? Dude needs to learn how to write a proper review. Not saying that theres a problem with the score(its subjective), but at least give the people reading your review the criteria that you used to get to that 6.5.

HenryFord2310d ago

I agree - this has to be one of the worst reviews I ever read. He says that he didn't like stuff, but he doesn't specify things, it is inconclusive and it is a really, really annoying read.
After the first paragraph I alreay wanted to hit the x-button on that tab...

TBM2310d ago

i beat it on sunday and its easily a 10 in my book and my personal goty. it did what uncharted 2 did two years ago improve big time on its first game.

to me it was a thrill a minute and the ending was great imo so didnt see that coming.

DrFUD2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I would probably give the game a 7.5 or 8 because it's really not fun.

The fighting is bore me to death bad (I mean I'm Batman, why do I have to keep beating these guys up for minutes since they never touch me anyway, instead of making quick work of them since they are generic muscle thugs)

Then the way everything is hand held and your essentially told what to do.....boring!

Things like the grapple from place to place is cool in theory but is more boring than the fighting since it's just press the button and everything is done for you without any tension or excitement.

But yeah, I'd give it a 7.5 or possibly an 8 because it looks so good that you want to love it...and it is Batman, but I can't say anything is really fun about the gameplay.

I don't think I can justify a 6.5 since it has wonderful production values

The_Devil_Hunter2310d ago

I have to disagree on the fighting, while yes in the beginning it does get a bit too easy but as you progress I find it to be a bit more challenging as enemies have armor or some can even be only beaten by doing different techniques such as attacking an enemy from above since he has a shield in front or stunning enemies with circle button before taking a beatdown on them. So far im 30% in the game and Im having a blast, one of the funnest games Ive played this year.

Tg27082310d ago

have u attempted the 50 hit combo yet?

colonel1792310d ago

The fighting system os weird. it is simple enough, but at the same time is technical and requires timing and focus. The thing is that it takes a lot of time to defeat the guys. In that part I agree with DrFUD. Even if you are good at the timing, it takes too many hits to kill the thugs, especially when there are a lot of them. That is the reason you can get to 50x combo (assuming you get the timing right). They should be dead in 3 to 4 hits. Sometimes it feels like forever to kill a gang of 10 or 20 thugs for that reason.

Overall the game is great though, but for me, Arkham Assylum is a better game (taking into consideration everything). THe gameplay improved in Arkham City maybe because of the open city. The music though, is one of the best music in a game ever.

The_Devil_Hunter2310d ago

YEs, I agree with what you said, sometimes you attack and attack thugs and they still dont go out. LOL

ASTAROTH2310d ago

I have to agree. This game is boring. I believe the open world nature of the game hurt it. I hate backtracking from phone to phone for the Zass missions. I hate backtraking to disamble the penguins satelites. Im starting to hate this game but I loved ARKHAM ASYLUM... that and the high reviews make me bouhgt this game day one just to be a tad dissapointed. Graphics,sounds and production values are higher thatn the first game but this game is boring and overrated. . . whatever .

SirBillyBones2310d ago

@colonel179: Batman doesn't kill people ;) He just beats them within an inch of their lives haha

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Jonah_Reese2310d ago

I think you're missing the vary logic of why it is fun. Batman doesn't just use his gizmos at every turn when he can easily best his foes via hand to hand combat. And the fun also comes in trying to get a 50 hit combo, I remember in AA I attempted to get a 40 or something hit combo because I really wanted it and that's part of the fun in the game.

Rage_S902310d ago

Well, well, well what do we have here....


Looks like someones gone fishing...for hits.

Laxman2310d ago

And he's getting them judging by the heat!

Why have I never, ever heard of this website?

Holeran2310d ago

Don't give this troll the satisfaction of clicking on the link.

IRetrouk2310d ago

just finished the story mode about a min ago, did not expect that ending to be honest, although i think there will be some way for the writers to change it.

IRetrouk2310d ago

personaly, i loved it, thought the writing and voice acting was very good, i enjoyed it a lot, so far id give it an 8.

Finger-Eater2310d ago

Just wondering how long did it take you to finish the story (hours)?

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