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quote from interview: "While I was at the GoldenEye:Reloaded press event a few weeks ago I had the chance to talk about the game with Rob Matthews of Eurocom, the Project Manager for the game. Here's a transcript of our talk about the game.
First off, when it comes to the game, why don't you give us the general overview of what the idea was behind Goldeneye: Reloaded. We obviously saw it on the Wii last year and now we are moving into the next gen systems.
One of the first things we picked up on when we released it for the Wii was the questions we received about why was it for the Wii and not for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as well. We responded to that as we have taken the Wii version and moved it over and given it a brand new engine, an engine that runs at 60 frames a second and, of course, brings in high definition gaming. We also have a new multiplayer that supports sixteen players online. We've been hard at work over the last year bringing Goldeneye: Reloaded to life."

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