Forza 4 review [GameShard]

GameShard writes: "Gran Turismo is like a tease, a challenge, something to be perservered with in order to eventually unlock its many layers. But Forza 4 is the opposite; a driver's sandbox, which embraces the player with open arms and says proudly 'Here I am. Do what you like with me.' There might not be as much varied content on offer, but there's a lot more game and at least as much fun."

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jimbobwahey2433d ago

You know, for a review that seems to eager so constantly mention GT5 over and over, you'd think that they'd have at least played it and have some sort of idea as to what they're talking about. Stating that Forza 4 one-ups games like Shift 2 and GT5 because it simulates tyre temperatures, and then outright claiming that these other games don't when fact of the matter is, GT5 most certainly does (I forget is S2U does too) just reeks of bias and a reviewer with an agenda.

By all means review the game and inform people what's good about it, but having to take jabs at other games in your review, and actually tell lies whilst doing so is terribly unprofessional. It's a shame that people like this review games really, it just discredits gaming journalism even more.

splinter2432d ago

Try reading the review properly. I didn't say that othergames don't simulate tyre physics and temperature, just that Forza 4 does it better. Which it does; there's no 'lie' here.

I think you'll find that actually readers *want* to have comparison with other games in reviews - I certainly do - because I want to know how the game compares against other titles around. Saying I 'take jabs' at other games here just blatantly isn't true - i give Forza 4 props when its ahead, other games props when they are - "Content-wise, Forza 4 tops is predecessor and Shift 2, though doesn't reach GT5's dizzying heights" - does that sound like me taking a jab to you? No, its me paying a compliment and acknowledging a weakness of one game compared to another. But of course, you wouldn't have noticed that because it doesn't fit with your view of 'the writer is biased'.