Syndicate Hands-On Preview: Breaching Hearts & Minds []

Dealspwn sits down with Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot, and finds it to be an exceptional FPS in the making.

Dealspwn writes: "Reboots of beloved gaming franchises tend to be met with a fair amount of angry backlash, and none more so than reboots that twist classic strategy games into First Person Shooters. And let's face it: strategy games don't get much more classic than Syndicate. Numerous fans have added their disgruntled voices to the debate; annoyed and confused as to why yet another beloved brand is being resurrected by the nightmarish AAA machine.

But here's the thing: Starbreeze make great shooters. I'm as unconvinced as anyone about the need for all these reboots, but if my experience with the singleplayer preview level is representative of the finished article, Syndicate is set to be just that. A great shooter... with one hell of an electronic warfare suite."

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