SPOnG calls Uncharted a blatant rip-off of Tomb Raider, gives it 86%

SPOnG writes:
"The most important thing to do when making a blatant rip-off of Tomb Raider± is to find a reason to be raiding tombs. Lara clearly has laid claim to the bored aristocrat hobbyist territory so, in Drake's Fortune, a familial connection to famous slave-trading pirate, Sir Francis Drake, is concocted."

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MaximusPrime_3924d ago

ok it is a rip off of tomb raider but still it is a fantastic game

MK_Red3924d ago

No it is NOT a rpi-off. It's a fantastic game and SPOnG just wants a reason to give it lower than 9. As I said in my other comment, Tomb Raider was start of a new action/adventure and if a game follows it, that doesn't mean it's a rip off. Quake followed Doom but is it a rip off? Gears followed Kill.Switch and RE4 and it's not a rip-off. Mass Effect followed Baldur's Gate and KOTOR but its NOT rip-off.

Same goes for UDF. Uncharted is follos Tomb Raider but also games like Gears of War and yet it delievers a truly unique and satisfying experience.

Dr Pepper3924d ago

@ MK Red

Mass Effect is made by the same people that made KOTOR and Baldur's Gate, so that wouldn't really be a rip-off in the same way.

However, regarding this situation, the whole review was just weird. It seemed like the reviewer wanted something to be wrong with the game.

MK_Red3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

You've got a point :)

But what about UT and Doom? Gears of War and Kill.Switch? Games do follow and copy each other but that's evolution of gaming. Strange review indeed.

UPDATE: Oops, thanks for your help hellraiser501 :)
Changed Quake to UT.

Dr Pepper3924d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. Devs borrow ideas from other games all the time.

hellraiser5013924d ago

I'm pretty sure Id made quake and doom lol, but yeah I understand and agree with what your saying.

Kaneda3924d ago

The reviewer is the big fan of Angelina Jolie...and want another bad Tomb Raider movie...

CyberSentinel3924d ago it better then Tomb Raider?

unlimited3924d ago

There a lot of games that rip off other but they do it differently..a lot of reviewers cant stand a great game for the ps3..

gamesR4fun3924d ago

True xbots might call it dude raider but fact is its brought console gaming to a new level. Something that seems to be happening a lot for us lucky ps3 owners lately...

EZCheez3924d ago

That's a big fat YES.

I loved Tomb Raider. I still do. I thought Legends was a ton of fun and I played 1-3 a LOT (only because I would get stuck so often).

Uncharted is on a different level though. Anyone can say what they want about this game but it definitely raised the bar as far as these treasure hunter type games go. The only thing Uncharted was weak in was puzzles. I love solving puzzles and I wish there were not only more but more difficult ones in the game.

Uncharted is amazing. I'm kind of tired of explaining this though. I wish people who crap on it all the time would just give credit where credit is due. Go ahead and hate Sony and the PS3, but don't diss Uncharted. It just doesn't deserve it, because it really is an excellent game.

Foliage3924d ago

"a lot of reviewers cant stand a great game for the ps3.."

Doesn't it suck that down the line these dimwits will be giving MGS, GT, FF, KZ, LBP, etc. below 9.0 scores simply for being a PS3 game? It's just sad the length these reviewers are going.

n_n3924d ago

name games that are totally original withing the last decade? i bet you'll have a f*ckin hard time. if the review wants original, at least he's looking at the right platform... but he should try LocoRoco if he wants something brand spanking new.

what game doesn't borrow ideas from another? what an idiot!

ravinash3923d ago

Everything is a rip off of something else these days.
Try and name me 3 truely original games that have come out in the past year or coming out in the next year...go on, I dear ya!

SlappyMcTaint3923d ago

No matter how good an exclusive PS3 game is, the press will find any and every way to hate on it. It's the cool thing to do right now. What is really pathetic is how they take away points for "difficult AI" and "not much new gameplay", when they'll reward a 360 game for those things and even praise them for it.

It's fcking sickening!! The funny thing will be once the PS3 reaches critical mass next year and the press makes a 180, juicing all over it.

fickle pricks!

popup3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Genre:- a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content.

Tomb Raider was dubbed "Indiana Jones in a D-Cup" when released; where does that leave Drake?

Its the old adage that the 'kid's of today think everything is new'.

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MK_Red3924d ago

So according to SPOnG no one should make an adventure about treasure hunter unless the want to rip-off Tomb Raider!?
SPOnG's article (Specially with the last page making fun of SCEA and NG) is funny but has huge problems. So if games have similair ideas and play then they are rip offs? UT is a Doom rip off? Gears of War is a Kill.Switch rip off? No they aren't in realiy but in SPOnG's stupid logic they are.
Uncharted is beyond the "Dude Raider" that it was once called but the review gives me a feel that they didn't get it and the game...

HowarthsNJ3924d ago

The reviewer has a serious bug up his @ss that's all :-)

protekjv3924d ago

thats what i was thinking too.

FirstknighT3924d ago

Well every game copies a lil here and there. Uncharted looks to have your basic gameplay of Tomb Raider and Gears of War.


Not that much on Tomb Raider. The environments could be somewhat remembering (platforms in the jungle, tombs, etc) but the gameplay not. Lara is a superwoman, with infinite pistol ammo and acrobatic skills. Nathan is the average Joe, that almost die with 3 shoots, running breathless for cover, stumbling, while the screen goes black and white. Lara gameplay on the environment also resembles to all perfect movements and jumps, guided through the puzzles, sometimes also a little of infiltration. Drake looks more to be just trying to pass, with much more climbing than jumping. I would say that, from Tomb Raider, Drake have more the plot, the work, than any gameplay.

Now, from Gears, it has a lot on the shooter system, specially from cover system. And even if the over-the-shoulder camera isn't original from Gears, it resembles anyway. Some friends already tell me that if you just unlock some different colors for the game, you will see even more resemblance.

Spike473924d ago

sommeone would say that.

say what u want, but I'd pick uncharted over tomb raider any day.