Need for Speed: The Run - NYCC 11: Challenge Series Walkthrough Part 2 (2/2)

Elude the police and leave your rivals in the dust as you burn through the Need For Speed's desert and country road stages.

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LackTrue4K2431d ago

this game is no different from HP!!! The only thing Im seeing different is the car looks to be customization? IMO, its gana need more than that.

ainsz2431d ago

I dont know if you've played the demo but the handling of the cars is quite alot different from hot pursuit as it has abandoned that stupid drifting mechanic which required no skill and I prefer it. It aslo seems that this game will mostly be set around big action set pieces such as avalanches. The only thong I'd say has been passed on is the visual style ie the graphics.

LackTrue4K2431d ago

*GETS OFF CHAIR" Thong, where?! For the love of god where?!?!