IGN Editor's Top 10 Lists

IGN writes:

"Check out what each editor has on their own personal list. We can promise you'll want some of these goodies, and you'll probably be horrified by other picks.

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lawman11083955d ago

How do you get to post in here? via a news "scoop"?

THESWAT3955d ago

my 1 min back from this dodo article *says* "N" word

iilluminate3955d ago

This is not worthwhile and shouldn't have been approved.

The WildAttorney3955d ago

The top 10 list for the Playstation editor in chief has two Xbox 360 games and no playstation 1, 2, or 3 games. Priceless. Just goes to show the superiority of the console.

vilmer3955d ago

Superiority of the GAMES to this point you mean? That gap is closing very fast... By the way, atrocious article man :(

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