New Lord of Apocalypse Trailer Showcases Battles

Square Enix published today a new trailer of the upcoming JRPG Lord of Apocalypse, that will be released on both PSP and PS Vita.

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rataranian2218d ago

Looks like White Knight 2.

laaakokaracha2218d ago

more like Monster Hunter...oh well nobody really cares about this one, I guess...maybe because of SE poor performance in the past years?

rataranian2218d ago

I can see it now... "Occupy SE".

mr_epsym_knird2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I love SE but this game looks like a PSP game on a PSVita. Unless the Oled screen changes everything, the game really looks pretty dull to me on my laptop screen. I need some vibrancy in this game.

Ddouble2218d ago

It's for PSP and Vita. I don't know which one is in the trailer though but i won't be suprised it it's they made it the same on both platforms.

Godmars2902218d ago

I'm sorry, but at 1:50, does it look like they're @$$ raping a dragon? literally.

sashimi2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Well supposedly the game has almost zero load times making it a seamless transition through the game on the Vita version.

Depending on if i have any money left over from all the Ps3/Psvita games i already am planning to get i might consider this game.