Comparing Gran Turismo 5 2.0 and Forza Motorsport 4 |

Analysis of racing games of the moment.
Polyphony Digital has released the same day of the debut of Forza Motorsport 4, the biggest update for Gran Turismo 5, leading to the 2.0 version of the title.
Without removing the merits to both developers, it is obvious that the war is won by beating the opponent on his weaknesses.
Point by point, where we see Turn 10 has done better than Polyphony Digital and vice versa.
The end result will only serve to give greater clarity to the doubters, all the others have certainly taken the title they love. As it should be.

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xer02430d ago

I didn't think these types of articles were aloud on N4G.
Comparing Forza to GT5 is supposedly taboo on this site.

That's what the mod Nineball2112 told me.

The Meerkat2430d ago

Its only taboo when the article sits on the fence.

But frequent visitors to N4G already know which one is best.

JellyJelly2430d ago

It's ok as long as GT5 comes out as the winner.

Gamer19822430d ago

This article is unbiased it points out the best bits of both games just how it should be rather than this ones better than the other. They are both great for different reasons. I get forza for customizability of cars and GT as my friends all have it and the sheer amount of races/cars plus the career mode. Forza does have it licked with online but that's because the game was originally built around Xbox live. People can't just admit both are great for there own reasons they have to slate one or the other and its sad.

disturbing_flame2430d ago

It's great to read something about GT5 that is actually accurate with the games in terms of mecanics, driving feeling etc.

The article points the flaws of GT5, Forza 4 has by far a better online experience (even Shift with its autolog is better than GT5). Sounds of cars are also better in Forza serie. I think Kazunori needs to work hard on those points, and also on the global solo experience.

On other levels GT5 is so complete, it's amazing.
Global graphics and immersion are maybe the most impressive i've seen on PS3 (and i can run racing games on PC, shift 2 maxed for exemple) it really looks phenomenal.
The lightning are very natural, night/day transition is unparalleled. I just imagine what Kazunori could do on PC, imagine Kaz working with a 570GTX, i just can't imagine the product Polyphony can deliver with this; on PS3 it's just amazing what they did.

Physic engine is smooth, the best on consoles.

The race maker is a nice addition to every race lovers, you can make your own race play it online with friends its a great way to always have your game fresh with new races.

GT5 have been destroyed for a lot of reasons but what it does good, it does it like no other games can do it on this generation.

Two great racers on PS3 and XBOX 360 with GT5 and Forza 4.

I think that if EA worked more on Shift and had an engine that could run Shift 2 at 60 fps on consoles, it would have given a little more shine two its serie. For the moment Forza and GT are the best racers on console, two great exclusives.

Hands Up For Games2430d ago

Flamebait article: Check
Source +: Check
Guaranteed to get some people rather agitated: Check

Who really cares? They are both brilliant games. End of.

Jdoki2430d ago

I don't see the point of comparing them - fanboys will always have their favourite no matter what.

Any gamer with both a 360 and PS3 and a fan of 'sim style' racing games is likely to have both of these titles anyway. I have Forza 3 and GT5. The only reason I didn't buy Forza 4 is that my 360 is loaned out to a buddy.

Slightly off topic... It would be nice if MS, for the Next Xbox, drops the propriety connector for peripherals. It's really annoying having two different steering wheels, when my Logitech G27 which I can use on PC and PS3 crushes the MS Wheel I bought years ago.