Next-gen consoles ‘not a challenge’ to PC gaming – Alienware

The Xbox 720 and PS4 will not present a threat to PC gaming, according to gaming rig manufacturers Alienware – who say the PC gaming community isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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gravemaker2191d ago

i doubt next gen consoles will even run Battlefield 3 on Ultra in 30fps and 1080p

Pacman3212191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Next gen consoles at the LEAST should be able to run BF3 at 60fps and 1080p.
If they can't then i am disappoint.

jony_dols2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Back in 2006, the 360 & PS3 graphic cards were pretty high end.

So I don't think that it is unreasonable to think that consoles, that are not due for release for at least another 18 months, will be capable of handling the most taxing of next-gen games (e.g Battlefield 3).

And Sony & MS will put an even greater emphasis on graphics this gen than even the last. Because graphics sell games, and games sell consoles.

ProjectVulcan2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

BF3 isn't quite as mad demanding as maybe some people imagined it to be. Yes you need a GTX570/6970 to max it really @ 1080p, but these cards aren't the top top end even now. This isn't Crysis, where you could barely max the thing in 1080p and AA with a pair of 8800 Ultras- the fastest cards of the time. Two GTX580 gobble up BF3 maxed 60FPS+ without breaking sweat.

Plus in about 4 months said high end cards will be midrange at best, because we have a brand new 28nm generation arriving before spring 2012. The top end 28nm cards will obliterate GTX580, i guarantee it.

Assuming the new sony/MS consoles are at least a year away, then yeah, they really shouldn't be having any problems with BF3 maxed in the Pc guise. In fact, Wii U might even be able to get close to it.

Considering Far Cry in early 2004 was bleeding edge, 18 months later the consoles managed to match up to it ok.

Perjoss2190d ago

On release day consoles have never been as powerful as a typical gaming PC, I dont see this changing for next gen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32190d ago

Thing is though, and I haven't seen it mentioned, Pc gamers will have to once again upgrade their computers when new consoles come out, especially the new Xbox. This is because MS writes the books on what and how programming and graphics technology will be utilized. Everyone wants to hate on MS, but everyone is lazy and waits for MS to write the API as usual. To take advantage of the new interface, you will be upgrading.

evrfighter2190d ago


So we'll have to spent 300 bucks for a gpu when that time comes if we want high end. well still have all of our games we'll still be able to do 100x more things then a console is able to. Well still be at higher resolutions and higher fps.

A new console for you will be 300-400 and you'll have zero games for it. Ok you'll have 1, the launch title

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32190d ago


So we'll have to spent 300 bucks for a gpu when that time comes if we want high end. well still have all of our games we'll still be able to do 100x more things then a console is able to. Well still be at higher resolutions and higher fps.

A new console for you will be 300-400 and you'll have zero games for it. Ok you'll have 1, the launch title"

You sound butthurt from my previous comment. But did I lie? You forgot to mention backwards compatibility, which undoubtedly will be a given. And only one launch title? Really? Do you ever wonder why you have one bubble?

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fluffydelusions2191d ago

It really depends when they release and the cost of hardware at the time. If they release next year then doubtful but 2014 then I say no problem.

MariaHelFutura2191d ago

I just realized something.. PC gamers are gonna try to make a "comeback" by being even bigger fanboys/girls than console gamers. Since BF3, there has been an artical a day about PC superiority.

Rainstorm812191d ago

tell me about it, when Crysis was the only crowning graphical jewel PC gamers were fairly quiet..... When devs focus is back on learning the next gen tech PC will fall by the wayside yet againt.... history will repeat itself

Ingram2190d ago

Hey, 8th generation is coming, PC manufacturers want people to decide with their wallets early before new consoles arrive.

Solid_Snake-2190d ago

i just realized something. since you dont own a gaming PC and you are butt hurt about not having the superior gaming machine you have to down play us PC gamers.

@the article a day thing.......console fanboy fap offs are 99% of N4G news so the one article a day about the PC isnt all that bad.

JsonHenry2190d ago

I remember when this console generation launched. They were able to keep up with the current high end (but not enthusiast) PCs for the most part at launch.

I would guess that what we will see in the next generation of consoles will be close to what the PREVIOUS generation of high end PCs parts are capable of. Or really close to it.

And considering the cost of the console compared to the current high end PC parts that is a steal for the horsepower you are getting.

badz1492190d ago

wait till the crazy people at Sony come out with the hard to developed for PS4 and we will start seeing article like "PS4 hard to develop for" just like the PS3 early in its lifetime! although I doubt Sony will want to do it again next gen :-P

The_Infected2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Uncharted 3? Which i think is the best looking game I've ever seen and it's being played on a PS3 that's just $249. To me consoles good enough especially for the price. Just saying.

Shadowaste2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Uncharted 3 looks awesome, uncharted 2 was a revelutionary console game as well, amazing looking, and more importantly, fun to play, but as someone who owns all 3 current gen consoles and 2 gaming pc's, I can tell you without a doubt that Many, MANY major AAA pc titles from the last 3-4 years looks way better than uncharted 2 and 3

Crysis 2
Far cry 2
Shogun 2
Empire 2
Every ASsasians creed game on pc

heck, even games like portal 2 and left4dead 2 look better just due to the sheer crispness and lack of any artifacts or muddiness found in every console title.

if uncharted 3 had been developed for pc as well, it would probably beat out quite a few of those titles, I am not trying to take away from it's artistic briliance.

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Chuk52191d ago

Yes, I also doubt that I'll need water today.

JsonHenry2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

The average person can easily go one day without water.

On topic- no console generation is going to be a threat to PC gaming. They are two different beasts and experiences. The same as no PC is going to threaten console gaming.

fluffydelusions2191d ago

I can't believe people even still buy overpriced it's ridiculous.

Pikajew2191d ago

But still cheaper than Apple products

GiggMan2190d ago

I considered Alienware when I upgraded my work laptop but went with the ASUS G74 instead. One of the best decisions I've made (although I probably would have been happy with the Alienware also).

I was able to play BF3 Beta with Ultra Settings but I think I will run it on High for the extra FPS.

Dovahkiin2190d ago

Good choice, was considering buying the G53.

Going with a CyberPower instead, with the custom specs and all...

TrevorPhillips2191d ago

In my opinion, I'll just stick to consoles. At least consoles you don't have to upgrade the hardware every few years.

fluffydelusions2191d ago

I'll stick to consoles not because of hardware upgrades which isn't actually all that often...that is usually blown way out of proportion. But rather I'd miss all the Sony exclusives that I love plus I don't really know anyone that games on PC.

Pandamobile2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Are you not allowed to own two platforms or something?

I play 99% of my games on PC, but I'm still glad I have my PS3 laying about for the occasional console exclusive.

raWfodog2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I agree. We all know that PC games look incredible, if done right. But I just have no desire to build one and some of the games that I love to play aren't available on PC so I would need to get a console anyway.

@ pandamobile - Maybe not. Some people found it strange that I wanted to get BF3 and MW3 :)

fluffydelusions2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )


Of course you could. I actually had a gaming PC for a while but recently sold it because I found myself playing my PS3 more and the PC rarely got touched. Plus PC has far less players. I couldn't even get into a game of MW2 because of how few players there were while on PS3 there are a 100k+ still playing. I only really used the PC to play SC2 and Amnesia DD.

MasterCornholio2191d ago

Yes me to. Although I wish console games were cheaper but that isn't possible due to development costs and royalties.

If I had the cash I would build a monster PC.


Heartnet2191d ago

nothing to do with development costs lol they make millions in profit xD

NuclearDuke2191d ago

Has nothing to do with development cost. If anything it's cheaper to develop on a console than a PC due to the minimum amount of hardware it needs to work with and the limited graphics options.

It's Microsoft & Sony taking a percentage of the sale, they make up for this by having an increased price on the games.

Chuk52191d ago

I agree. I mean started playing games on a sega, and been raised with a controller in my hands and I just prefer it that way. It's not a knock against PC gaming, because there are pc experiences consoles can only dream of. If this person actually thinks they don't have to worry at all about the next-gen they're just sad, but then again I'd be sad if I was at alienware too.

LightofDarkness2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

You don't have to do that with PCs either? The difference with a PC is that you CAN, if you WANT TO. If you buy a high end rig at the start of a console generation that plays at higher than console fidelity, it will continue to do so for the entire generation. If you want to spend €200 on a GPU and make things look 2X better about 3 or 4 years down the road, you absolutely can. At least with a PC you have that choice.

MariaHelFutura2191d ago

I stick to consoles based off the devs who develop for them. (Ex. Team Ico, PD, ND and countless others)

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death2smoochie2191d ago

Next-gen consoles ‘not a challenge’ to PC gaming – Alienware"

Common knowledge.

You can't expect the new consoles coming out to be running 580GTX or 6990 Equivalent GPU's...and those GPU's will be old when the next round of consoles hit....

LightofDarkness2191d ago

I reckon they'll be rocking 560ti or 6950 equivalents when they are launched, or maybe their equivalents in the next gen of GPUs next year. But console GPUs rarely go high-end, as you said. Too big, too hot, too expensive.

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