Consumers Angry Over Nintendo Wii Shortage

It's interactive, even shows players the news of the day...but there's a possibility you couldn't find one if you tried. More than a year after its release, the Nintendo Wii remains a sold out item. Robert Whitted says he's been searching for a console for weeks. Furthermore, he's irate with getting the runaround from local stores, most recently EB Games.

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wetowel3961d ago

Good... that means more people will turn to the ps3 and 360. I hate the wii.

unsunghero283961d ago

I seriously doubt there will be any grandmas who will be saying "No Wii Sports? Ah, I'll just get Gears instead."

The Wii appeals to a different audience. A BIGGER audience. I don't see it crashing and burning any time soon, especially not because of supply issues.

Boink3961d ago

been seeing them on shelves for months, although they are likely gone now with xmas so close.

clevernickname3960d ago

I would love to know what city and store that would be. I live in Calgary and it has been impossible to find Wiis anywhere; Futureshop, Bestbuy, Walmart, Zellers, EB Games, etc., etc. I've been offered over $500 for the Wii I bought last Christmas.

I know many people that have spent weeks and weeks and weeks trying to find one, and that was in the middle of summer. Frankly, I don't believe you.

Boink3960d ago

most of the stores you mention, I go to frequently, and they had numerous ones in stock up to a few weeks ago.

toys r us too.

I feel bad for people who are buying that future dust collector...

Darkiewonder3960d ago

I'm going to get a second Wii and sell it for triple the price during CHristmas. Don't worry, i'm going to include a couple of games with the package ;)

jmare3960d ago

Go nintendo for artificially increasing demand by choking the supply line.

vilmer3960d ago

It's the same story as the SNES.

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The story is too old to be commented.