Battlefield 3 Producer explains just what THAT Dinosaur is all about

"Anyone else wonder just why DICE’s E3 2011 Battlefield 3 live demo started off with a soldier clutching a toy dinosaur? There’s been a lot of talk about what the dinosaur means, with DICE themselves fuelling some of the speculation and rumour. So we decided to ask Battlefield 3 Producer Patrick Bach just what is the official word on that toy T-Rex."

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SwilloTGL2244d ago

All I hear is Jurassic Park music...........

Bull5hifT2243d ago

23 Kills gets you raptor attack everybody hide

crxss2243d ago

if BF3 doesn't have dinosaurs DLC I will be extremely disappoint

Arnon2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

I want my dinosaurs to sing.

WarStar2244d ago

didnt see that comin . lol

Trunkz Jr2244d ago

If they did decide to do anything with Dinosaurs just for fun, they would sell it to you for $15 like Vietnam, not for greed but because it would be worth the money.

execution172244d ago

ah Vietnam loved the music on that dlc

Fylus2243d ago

I really hope they do actually implement a "Dinosaur Mode" sometime down the road. I have some awesome thoughts of just how that could go about ;)

HenryFord2243d ago

think about how awesome the combination - destruction and dinosaurs - would be :D

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kennyboy2244d ago

atleast that dinosaur is 1 new thing in bf3

stubbed_out2244d ago

Perhaps one of the best 'official' stories I've heard in a while.

Quagmire2244d ago

DINO MODE, please! for the love of innovation, DO IT!

LackTrue4K2243d ago

time to go "BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY" and step up!!! (DICE) "They have zombies, we have dinosaurs!!!"

a08andan2243d ago

Gief Zombie Dinosaurs!! :) Can Dinosaurs become Zombies btw? O.o

Arnon2243d ago

Didn't you ever play Dino Crisis?

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The story is too old to be commented.