GameSpot Reviews Beowulf; "The story is nonsense"


"Beowulf is a third-person action game in which you stomp all over enemies and bosses as the buff, angry, and eponymous Beowulf, while commanding your band of merry Thanes via a small selection of commands ("Get angry," "Come here," "Move that," "Stop moving that"). The stomping is cinematic and grossly satisfying, albeit repetitive, and your Thanes are great. But stronger than any of these friends are foes of a design nature, and these issues lie in wait to completely sabotage your quest and kill your will to adventure".

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tethered3920d ago

PC, 360 and PS3 all get the same score.
GameSpot Score - 5.0 - mediocre

The Killer3920d ago

any game(Beowulf) that tries to copy another game(god of war) will fail!!

ForTheFallen3919d ago

I wonder if they had just changed some stuff around they would have gotten a better score? idk.