CVG - Battlefield 3 Review

Penning this Battlefield 3 review has been tricky because the problems lay in conveying BF3's manifold strengths and weaknesses without resorting to the inevitable COD comparisons.

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Chuk52369d ago

So they didn't review the multiplayer?


raWfodog2369d ago

Maybe they couldn't if there was no one to multiplay with. Maybe they couldn't access the servers yet.

HK62369d ago

Maybe they shouldn't be reviewing it then.

Shackdaddy8362369d ago

No. Servers been up since Sat I think...

death2smoochie2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

If you leave ideas like artistic direction and choreography at the door and simply concentrate on pure engine ability, textures, lighting, geometry etc. then the likes of Gears 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Rage and even Uncharted 3 are simply left gasping. It's a patent generational leap and the kind of experience you could easily imagine as a launch title on the next batch of consoles."

Watching this game in action on a PC i can agree.
Simply the best looking and technical game i have ever seen

Tarantino_Life2369d ago

Yup on PC it is way beyond any console game out there.

pr0digyZA2369d ago

Ye it really looks amazing graphically, gamespy said the same thing, in that it looks like a next gen game without new consoles launching at the same time.

WWE4Eva26662369d ago

great review! this and mw3 and uncharted 3 will run my holidays

warner382369d ago

Been play8ing the game looks good but go of the main run of the game and its rubbish cars that look like blocks unreal

Biggest2369d ago

Do people HAVE to find something that barely matters every single time? I wonder if BF3 has accurately rendered potted plants? That usually breaks any chance of immersion for me. I need real potted plants in my shooters.


lmao! And potted plants with no dead plants in them, I can't stand dead plants when they should be green and vibrant.

venom062369d ago

im glad to see the SP campaign receiving the praise it deserves...

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