PAYDAY: The Heist HD Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

Complete PAYDAY: The Heist’s single player campaign with the help of this video guide.

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HebrewHammer2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

To anyone considering buying this game, WAIT. Finding a match is so freckin tedious! The need to issue a fix ASAP

ShabbaRanks2338d ago

I got the game with 2 other friends and its extremely fun. The 4th player was an AI and he did helps us a few times... The only reason why you shouldn't buy the game is if you don't have anyone to play with.

Cuz for 20bucks there's a lot of replay value and on Overkill its very challenging !

execution172338d ago

yeah, I play this with a couple of my friends, there's only 6 maps but its extremely fun, well worth the $20

HebrewHammer2338d ago

Its a great game if you have dedicated slots for friends - NOT if youre looking for a match with randoms on PSN. i searched at least 100 times to find a match. Of that, I made it to a game lobby 3 times and the host was AFK.

Lirky2338d ago

I agree i'll tell everyone Workaround... play a full match Using just AI players create a game with all AI players... after you win or lose the match Ppl will automatically join regaurdless :).

I found this out and its a fun workaround.

Nykamari2338d ago

I need some new friends to play with, the friends I have now are not interested in this. Anyone down just shoot me a message, list full but will delete people. psn: Nykamari

ginsunuva2338d ago

This game is so underrated.