EA hint at 'something special' for Syndicate on PC

IncGamers: Reimagining of a cyber-punk classic to include PC-exclusive bonuses/content?

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Pikajew2338d ago

It will be on Steam? :)

mixelon2338d ago

Something special? A proper remake of the original would make a lot of people happy. It'd make most sense on the pc version but I can imagine it beincommenting PS3 with Move controls too.

mixelon2338d ago

"beincommenting?" WTH happened there?

Alos882338d ago

I get the feeling the original will be an unlockable extra for the PC version.

Quagmire2338d ago

EA love doing that.

Medal Of Honor came with Frontlines for PS3
Dead Space 2 came with Extraction for PS3
Battlefield 3 was SUPPOSED to come with 1943 for PS3
Syndicate probably coming with original Syndicate game for PC, doubt PS360 would work well with it

outwar60102338d ago

it plays well with my 360 wired pad?

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