SSX Lead Designer - SSX HD Collection "has been brought up" and is an "excellect suggestion"

"SSX’s lead designer Todd Batty has reveal that suggestions of an potential SSX HD Collection have been brought up at EA and that such and idea would be an “excellent suggestion”."

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SwilloTGL2459d ago


EVILDEAD3602459d ago

One of the greatest suggestions ever...


Alos882459d ago

I never played these back in the day and would love to get up to speed with the series before playing the latest one.

HaHa_Ostrich2459d ago

I would love this, but what would make it super awesome is merging them all to some kind of a central hub. Like choosing between a mountain from "3" and "On tour" or simply attending a race from "Tricky", all of that accesible with one (created/preset) character.
I can imagine finishing the first one with maxed out character and all top notch gear, just to realise I have to start over for the next game with another character and so on.

Ocean2459d ago

To right it's an excellent suggestion indeed...plenty of folks would buy this..myself included

Dovahkiin2459d ago

I really would like this.

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