FIFA 12 : First PS Vita Screens Identical To PS3

NowGamer: EA Sports reveals first images of FIFA 12 on PS Vita.

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BitbyDeath2403d ago

Amazing, if handhelds can already perform the same as current gen machines then I cannot wait to see what nextgen brings. May end up being quite a large leap after all.

sinncross2403d ago

Oh man I hope i can play online against PS3 gamers :)

LightofDarkness2403d ago

Just release the damn thing already :p

skyward2403d ago

They're same kind of bullshots EA sports normally releases for Fifa - let's hope they can make it near identical, and a step up from PSP.

spirited2403d ago

I hope rock steady brings Batman Arkham to psvita. Just imagine...for a while

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