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raWfodog2340d ago

It's unanimous thoroughout the industry, the game sounds like a hit. Glad to hear it as this will be one of my xmas gifts along with Dark Souls and Skyrim.

Sounds like Game of the Year material for sure.

gillri2340d ago

yes I was thinking it'll be good be the open world wil dilute the expereince and get high 80's metascore...boy was i wrong

its sitting pretty at 95 metascore!!! and its every bit as good as the reviews make out

Sizzon2340d ago

That's pretty awesome :)

El Nino2340d ago

Fourth biggest launch? Well to be fair BF3, UC3, MW3 & AC Revelations haven't launched yet. They'd be expected to better Batman AC numbers.

El Nino2340d ago

I dont understand the GOTY talk too. Batman AA won a GOTY Bafta which was ridiculous. Arkham City doesnt have the best graphics, gameplay, competitive multiplayer, game engine (frostbite 2.0 pc), story and basically every attribute that a GOTY needs, but its Batman so it deserves one...cos you know, its batman.

gillri2340d ago

what!? its incredible, game design trumps all of those and it has it in spades, and its gameplay is phenomenal!!

death2smoochie2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

The gameplay is fantastic in Batman. Level design is great. Its open many games are like that this generation?
Graphics are great. Not the best but how many games win GOTY having best graphics alone?
UC2 won GOTY, YET many pc games had BETTER GRAPHICS than UC2 and did not win.
Its not all about graphics.
If it is, then BF3 for the PC trumps every single game then...
It's more than graphics to make a game great.

ufo8mycat2340d ago

Bit hard when there are no PC games. Oh wait Diablo 3, which isn't even out yet :)

death2smoochie2340d ago


There are actually more exclusive games released on the PC then there exclusives on the Xbox360 and PS3 combined in any given calendar year.

Moreover, 85%+ of games released are multi-platform titles...and most of those come to the PC as well.
There are plenty of games for the PC...Many more than consoles...they are just not as advertised and many are indie games that are actually quite good.
Seems Console only gamers don't know this ;-)

El Nino2340d ago

UC2 won GOTY because it had, good graphics, good story, memorable characters, online co-op, competitive online mp, it had a blend of everything, batman doesnt. I'm not the one saying Batman is GOTY in ever comments section. People are going way over the top with the game, good game but jesus christ.

BushLitter2340d ago

Competitive MP Is an attribute for game of the year?

Since when? This year GOTY is between Arkham City, Skyrim, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3, only one of which has competitive MP.

raWfodog2340d ago

I'm sure if the game was bad, it wouldn't be considered a contender for game of the year just because it was Batman. Historically, superhero games never did this well.

Question: Why does it bother you that much that people think it's a contender for GOTY? You seem to be taking a pretty strong anti-GOTY stance. You got a bet going or something?

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koehler832340d ago

Asylum was shipped in short supply because it was a new IP. It took me a few weeks before I could find a copy on a store shelf.

Since it was quite successful and its sequel anticipated much more, there were clearly more copies of Arkham City put into the pipeline for launch this time around.

The fact that sales were higher had as much to do with supply as it did demand.

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