Battlefield 3: DICE talks next Xbox, PlayStation 4

Eurogamer: "The PC version of first-person shooter Battlefield 3 is what gamers can expect from the next-generation of consoles, developer DICE has said."

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reynod2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Well console gamers can relaxed assured that sooner or later they might receive an HD remake of this game. Perhaps in 2016-2017 which may finally rival what PC gamers enjoy today. Of course this will be chargeable as HD remakes dont come free. Remember this is just a rumor and you heard it here first.

Lyr1c2316d ago

And here I was...Thinking that somehow PC gamers were more mature than their console counterparts.

Boy was I wrong.

gillri2316d ago

BF3 is te first PC game ive brought in a while, im not playing a gimped version and so have also brought the first graphics card in 3 years to get the best out of it. im am more of a console man really but I have to play this version of the game. I remember doing the same with BF2 where I mainly played ocnsole games but loved going to my PC for this epic MP mode

we all know though when the next gen of consoles come out DICE are just gonna re release BF3 on those in all its high end PC splendor

reynod2316d ago

Yep and like usual console gamers will end up buying it now and also buy it 5 years later. Paying 2 times for the same game is dam expensive. Which is why i stick to PC gaming cause its cheaper.

GT_Ken2316d ago

LMAO! PC gaming is cheaper? That's hilarious.

A PC capable of running BF3 on optimal settings would run about 2 grand. That's being generous.

My console cost 400. Two copies of BF3 (the second of which I will likely never buy anyway, as graphics aren't as important as gameplay) would cost me 120 bucks. That's assuming it costs 60 for the re-release, which it probably wouldn't.

So, 2 grand, is cheaper than 520?

reynod2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

When you account every game bought on console is 10-20usd more costly. Then yes PC gaming is easily cheaper. Not to count the awesome deal available on Steam.

Buy 10 games a year at avg price of 15usd cheaper then console version and you are already 150usd cheaper per year. By the 2nd to 3rd year you are cheaper then owning a console, this doesnt even account the insane Steam or D2D discounts, purchases made during even 1 of those is enough to make console gaming look like a rip off. Also remember once this gen ends your current console games may not work on the next box thats lost investment also you might even be forced to buy HD remakes(no such thing for PC old games keep working).

And no a PC capable of running BF3 at optimal settings shouldnt cost more then 800usd, Unless you get suckered in for some alienware crap lol. Its usual console boy mentality to stick the 2000usd Price tag for PC gaming, you mind listing us the parts that you intend to build a 2000usd rig with?


If they dont, they simply wont be able to play their older games(unless they plan on buying and maintaining multiple old consoles) judging by history consoles just arent backward compatible. History has a way of repeating it self. We wouldnt be seeing all these remakes coming up if it didnt sell.

Also why would these companies give console gamers BC? when they can easily make $$ on it. They already are in losses, they need to make money any way they can. Up ressing a game and adding some trophies isnt alot of work.

raWfodog2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

How many "console gamers" do you think are going to buy a five-year old game? You are really reaching with that assumption. I know people buy old games but you make it sound like all console gamers do.

Plus, a lot of the games I like to play on my piddly console aren't/weren't available on PC.

and, hey, reynod, look at ECM0NEY's comment below. He has a $2000 PC. Is that the usual "console boy mentality" you were talking about?

kennyboy2316d ago

all these pc fans and dice will be in for a rude awakening when sony and microsoft reveal their new platforms or platform

ECM0NEY2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

"The PC version of first-person shooter Battlefield 3 is what gamers can expect from the next-generation of consoles, developer DICE has said."

Thats not good enough IMO bc now I have a $2000 computer to play BF3 on Ultra. I wont buy a new console till it is better then my computer.

kennyboy2316d ago

well i dont think to me that multiplatform games again will be the focal point of the best next gen "console" platforms the exclusives will be again in which to me uncharted series and killzone and gow3 all are still the best looking games period to me so the next generation exclusives will in any case be superior in every way to your maxed bf3.

and anyway dice is just like the rest of you pc fans making predictions which will very likely be shot down especially if sony and microsoft do a joint platform and all this talk from amd and crytek about the next generation having avatar ingame visuals dont count of this equality to the current pc version the ps4 or 720 versions of the same game will probably look more like a cg cutscene to the pc version maxed especially if sony and microsoft decide to release platforms at the same price or this joint platform which theres a big chance of them releasing

death2smoochie2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

The reality is consoles will NEVER be as advanced as PC gaming rigs because CONSOLES ARE STATIC IN HARDWARE. You cannot upgrade them.

Soon as a console launches its obsolete by PC standards.
The PS3 Had hardware inside that was obsolete as soon as it launched.
2 years later it was considered ancient like the Xbox360 in comparison.

And i assume you are a teenager because you stating MS and Sony can possibly have a joint venture with a console hardware project is laughable and I don't have to explain why this will never happen.

Moreover, consoles NEVER LAUNCH with cutting edge CPU's/GPU's because the price would be too high for consumers.

Look at the PS3 launch system? $600+ And the GPU inside the PS3 was already old. Then you have the memory at 512megs spilt memory pools.
PC systems had 4g at the time minimum.
If Sony or MS launch a next generation console with specs like a current high end PC at time of launch, the console would cost more than a $1000+ unless they take a massive hit and subsidize it...which MS and Sony will not as they already stated this.

Btw. Who do you think supplies Sony and MS with GPU's?
It's AMD.
And those GPU's inside consoles are normally 2-3 GPU generations behind high end GPU's FOR THE PC.

Last point:

Please use some periods and commas.....

ProjectVulcan2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

What rude awakening kennyboy? Where do you think the graphics technology comes from to build a next generation console? It doesn't come out of thin air i'll tell you that now.

What PC gamers have now, the technology, is what console gamers will have a year or so down the line in a next gen machine. Consoles don't get more power than PC when they launch. By the time next gen consoles launch PC gamers will be familiar with the level of graphics performance within them because they will have had seen that level for at least six months....

kennyboy2316d ago

the thing that my point is is that your expecting more of the same from sony and microsoft, the thing is since nintendo is no longer a challenger of theirs in their market, they no longer have to put a ceiling on how much powerful hardware they put in their machines they can even make them upgradeable, all the hate about ps3 and 360 this gen i am SURE sony and microsoft are fed up with your pc fanboyish comments fueled by the internets pc fanboys even developers are jumping on the pc fanboy superiority fanwagon i mean bandwagon i believe they are done with it its been 3 gens of the same thing pc fanism starts happening towards the end of the generation, but this gen it started from before the ps3 and 360 came out sony and microsoft are done with playing around get ready

ProjectVulcan2316d ago

Sorry kennyboy but this is just feverish waffling from you upset that PC gamers are enjoying what DICE say is a next gen game. I wouldn't quite call it next gen myself- DICE are good at hyperbole. But it is a pretty significant leap over anything i have seen on console. As it SHOULD be.

Banging on about next gen consoles battering BF3 and being upgradeable etc just reeks of jealousy and bitterness towards PC gamers. No next gen console will be beating a powerful PC of the same timeframe, PC is always faster regardless of this. Its a fact, its not a big deal, but you seem to have trouble accepting facts like this.

Enjoy this on your console, and just shut up moaning for goodness sake...

maniactadpole2316d ago

I think it'll be on the lines of DX12.

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