Warhound VIP Video Presentation

New Warhound movie footage captured at game presentation.

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MK_Red3955d ago

The game looks really good technically as a console game but if this can be done on consoles, so could Crysis which leads to one questions:
Is Cry-tek being lazy about porting Crysis to PS3 and 360 or they are secretly doing it?

Nice smoke and plant effects. Leafs and other stuff behave in a DX10 manner.

Crazyglues3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

As far as 360 no word on that happening. The game does look amazing and yes COD4 does look better. -nothing can really compare to how amazing COD4 is, they really knocked the ball out the park on that game.

But this really looks amazing though, and your right if you can do this, then of course they should be able to do Crysis with all spec's turned up on the PS3...

As I understood it, they where waiting to see the sales of the PC version before sitting down and putting a team on getting Crysis on to the PS3. -The Crytek2 engine that was used to make Crysis is already being designed to run on the PS3.

Hopefully it will do very well on PC and they will then sit the team down to get it not just running but performing like a High end PC on the PS3.

Only time will tell.

sticky doja3955d ago

Do you have a link to go along with your knowledge that they are working on a PS3 version?

dantesparda3955d ago

I dont know about a Crysis killer, but more like a Crysis "matcher". But i still think Crysis looks better (but then again, that video was really crappy)

TheSadTruth3955d ago

ANOTHER first person shooter

can't imagine anyone wanting to buy this

FF7numba13955d ago

lol crytek been searching for ps3 devs publicly over a year now.

mark093955d ago

all i could think after seeing the first several seconds of the video is that sony is gonna sue lol

Xi3955d ago

taken from the lead network job posting

* Has used UML or some similar modeling approach in the past
* STL experience
* Experience with Xbox-Live
* Experience with external matchmaking systems (GameSpy, etc…)
* Experience with scripting languages (e.g. Lua)
* Experience with multithreading
* Experience with making multiplayer games
* Experience with multiplatform development
* Experience providing mentorship to other programmers Experience writing technical documentation
* Unix/Linux systems programming experience
* Experience in the game industry
* Management and leadership skills

also from job posting, graphics programmer

# Maintain (optimization, adding new features) CryEngine 2 graphics system.
# Assist in design of the graphics system for the new gen console platforms (Xbox 360, PS3).
# Assist in porting the source code from PC platform to the new gen console platforms (Xbox 360, PS3).
# Develop and maintain the graphics system and/or the animation system for the new gen console platforms (Xbox 360, PS3).
# Develop and maintain CryEngine 2 FX system.

as you can see, they already have a 360 dev team, but require more members for the ps3 dev team (which is why they have the job opening).

Crazyglues3954d ago

I don't have a link, it was just something I read in passing on the net, where the development team was talking about what they hope Crysis will do -As far as sales.

I was not stating anything as fact, And as I said "As I understood it" not actually fact. just from what I thought they where saying in the interview... But if they already have a heavy 360 team, I think it only makes sense to believe they would get a heavy PS3 team. -but like I was saying only time will tell, we should see soon enough.

As their is no doubt that Crysis will do huge numbers in terms of PC sales.

Sorry I can't seem to find the interview.. I did look. But could not find it again.

Ignorant Fanboy3954d ago

The reason you could not find it was because it was a rumor.

Stop acting like your talking facts. Your first post was not "as I understood".

You understood wrong.

Edit: Happy Thanksgiving

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3954d ago

If this was ported to the ps3 it would only get 10 frames per second.

The Xbox360 spray farts all over the PS3
The Xbox360 spray farts all over the PS3
The Xbox360 spray farts all over the PS3
The Xbox360 spray farts all over the PS3
The Xbox360 spray farts all over the PS3

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cr33ping_death3955d ago

meh.....COD 4 still looks better than this.

sticky doja3955d ago

Mainly because CoD4 doesn't have near the amount of explorable area as this seems to have, and CoD4 doesn't have plants that react like that. I will be the first to admit that CoD4 is the most beautifull game I have been able to play on my 360, but if Warhound improves even in the slightest from what it is now then it will blow CoD out of the water.

mesh13954d ago

COD4 VERY NICE GAME but its scripted and is very restrictivewer eu go and is justa linear game in terms of sp even with that a tru egamer can ee this game is pushing my graphical proccoseeing than cod4 with the leaves swaying about tress being cut down /smoke effect and so on

Ju3954d ago

I am still wondering why people are so impressed with CoD4. The framerate and the lightning is impressive. And that is where it ends. No destructive environment, heck, nothing is even animated (walked thru grass recently ?), you can't shoot the most trivial things: lamps. Tried to blow out a lamp ? Doesn't work. The textures are low res (really, walk up a wall, and tell me the difference). Compare that to e.g. Uncharted (in all that respect).
We haven't seen much in that video. Just environment, and mostly jungle. Now add some more pieces, like AI. We'll see how that goes.
And, if that stays as is, I doubt that game will ever hit the market. "In Game XMB" ? No way! (Sony will sue their a$$ off)

i_like_ff73955d ago

lol menu is the ps3 task media bar rip off. Game doesnt looks as good as cod4.

riqued3955d ago

True, this is a copy of the XMB. And I am sure Sony has copyright for the design as they have even won a award for it.

power of Green 3955d ago

COD4 isn't doing half the sh*t this games is doing and this isn't even finished.

ruibing3955d ago

I can't argue graphics with bad poor cam video, but what made Crysis good was not just the graphics. The different powers your suit has really gave you so many ways to complete every single objective.

I remember during the first few missions when you could cloak on the enemy to line them up and shoot them from behind, cloak and snatch one up as a shield, use strength and throw an object for a kill, shoot a tree for distraction, just so many different ways to accomplish everything.

Not only that you know in that game even at normal difficulty you are not more invulnerable than the enemy, without the suits power you take just as much shots before dying as the enemy soldiers. These elements made the game feel real.

Xi3955d ago

maybe not those super powers, but more along the lines of setting traps, forcing enemies into situations, luring them, or just bringing in a tank and rolling everything, and the online will be a lot better, more like cs.

Dr Pepper3955d ago

When is this game being released?