Netflix launching in UK and Ireland 'early 2012'

CVG: Netflix has confirmed rumours that it is to launch its popular media streaming service in the UK and Ireland in "early 2012".

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Already available In the US, Netflix allows users to sift through 1000s of movies and TV shows and stream an unlimited amount of them through a broadband connection for a monthly subscription fee.

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forcefullpower2187d ago

If netflix has HD streaming Lovefilm is screwed. Plus the app looks a lot better than shit we have for lovefilm.

Andronix2186d ago

Really. Terrible sub SD pictures. Very blocky. Worst of all they only show 'library' films. Don't expect to see a Hollywood film from the last 5 years. In fact the only exception is Precious, but that ain't exactly a Friday night rom-com!

LoveFilm is now owned by Amazon so I would have thought they would improve things. So I am glad there will be competition and am looking forward to subscribing to NetFlix.

LightofDarkness2186d ago

And thus heralds the end of Xtra-Vision. Good riddance.

frjoethesecond2186d ago

Ireland will finally enter the 21st century. Now all we need is half decent internet countrywide.

joeyisback2186d ago

whats ur internet speeds over their the us got rated for some of the slowest internet it sucks here for internet

Shazz2186d ago

FINALLY , thank fook coz lovefilm just reminds me of a poor streaming and rental service that was once called global video lol