GFW Magazine to Voodoo Extreme: Eat a D***

Voodoo Extreme's Robert "Apache" Howarth writes:

"Wow. Just wow. In the latest Games for Windows Podcast (1 hour and 28 minutes in) Shawn Elliot told us to 'eat a d***' after we linked their Crysis review. Shawn, it seems, does not appreciate the funky lingo we use around these parts ['sloppy seconds'] and took offense at our 'Why so low?' introduction after they gave Crytek's latest and greatest an 8/10 score.

Personally? I'm still shocked at all of the hate. When Andy first told me about his comments, it just didn't register. What did we do? Are we destined to become scapegoats for all of the negative feedback they got after low balling Crysis? While I'm down with 'using the entire 1-10 scale' for grading games, that system just doesn't work unless you're consistent. If you were, the 'why so low' comment might not have cut so deep. Think about it."

See the first link at the Alternative Sources below to listen that part of the podcast where the insulting happens. (Click on the GFW Radio to start playing.)

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MK_Red3960d ago

WTF!? That's so low of 1UP / GFW. Also, they deserve the negative feedback they got. I mean, even EDGE gave 9 to Crysis but 1UP/GFW wanted more traffic so they gave 8/10 to Crysis and posted the review on their own site. VE only linked to their page which many other sites like N4G do. Another low for already low 1UP/GFW...