A History of Exclusive FPS Games on Nintendo Systems

Nintendo isn't the traditional place you'd expect to find standout FPS titles. However, over the years, there have been an assortment of quality FPS games -- some even influencing the entire genre! Take a walk down memory lane and discover the best FPS games on Nintendo systems, both classics and underrated gems.

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Chaostar2340d ago

Goldeneye cover, if you see it, you can never unsee it!

Oldman1002339d ago

Lol i thought of the same thing at first. Just pretend it's actually his hand and you should be okay. Never mind it's not working.

Here's another one.

Myst2339d ago

Lol I was about to come in here and do the same thing.

ChickeyCantor2339d ago

Could you guys...not do that?
I mean yeah it's getting old.


But still funny

Chaostar2339d ago

Yeah it is getting a little tired but I just thought there may have been one or two people that may not have seen it.

Internet veterans need not apply :)

newleaf2340d ago

I keep trying to unsee it :(

Venox20082339d ago

Author of article forgot GEIST (GC)

Menashe2339d ago

Um, no. I didn't. It's been in there from the beginning.

Khordchange2339d ago

I think it's time to let Retro make a shooter for the Wii U.

mike1up2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Nice read.

Forgot about Doom for the Snes though! First FPS ever released on a home console. Don't feel bad, i am an old man.


Missed the "exclusive" in the title... i'll be shutting up now.

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