Uncharted 3 EDGE score arrives

GB : Uncharted 3 EDGE score has arrived and it has done well. You can check out all the scores below.

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TheMrMadzen2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

EDGE giving a PS3 exclusive a 9?!
(I know they gave some PS3 exclusives the same or even a better score, but it's rare)
Omg this game is gonna be awesome! :D

Karooo2429d ago

They gave UC2 a 9 as well.

NewMonday2429d ago

they usually take the score down a bit if the sequel doesn't improve on the previous game, I guess U3 is even more awesome then the awesome U2

E2M2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

yh they did give uc2 a 9 and they are quite tough on reviews so its a great score. I don't really expect uc3 to outdo uc2 in terms of ratings even if its a better game

inveni02429d ago

Regardless of Edge's practices, Congrats ND.

MAJ0R2428d ago

when you guys say "EDGE" who are you talking about? because I think EDGE has different reviewers for games so the person who gave LBP2 a 10 may not have the same opinion as the person who gave U3 a 9, that's why its hard to compare their review scores if say U3 got a 7 and a game like Dance Central got a 9

BrianC62342428d ago

"they usually take the score down a bit if the sequel doesn't improve on the previous game, I guess U3 is even more awesome then the awesome U2"

Not if you believe Adam Sessler at G4. He gave Uncharted 3 a 4 out of 5. That site gives all kinds of games a 5 yet this game gets a 4? Maybe they shouldn't give many 5's. That's why a 9 is great from EDGE. That's a great score. They rarely give a 10. G4 gives out way too many 5's.

Masta_fro2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Don't be surprised if someone at EDGE gets fired this week..

EDIT: BTW they gave Halo OSDT a 9. I think this is worth noting.

Seriously. They gave it a 9.

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Optical_Matrix2429d ago

They gave Little Big Planet a 10. Looking forward to picking up this issue of EDGE tomorrow. Want to read their Skyward Sword review and get a proper look at their Uncharted 3 review beyond just the 9/10 score it got.

All the AAA games coming this autumn is ridiculous. I'm barely done with Dark Souls and Arkham City, and now we have Battlefield 3, Skyward Sword, Uncharted and a whole host of other games I can't be assed to mention inbound. Thank fuck for my formative assessment week in mid November T__T Praise the lord.

Michael-Jackson2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

They are also going to post their Skyward Sword review online tomorrow.

I'm shocked that Edge gave Uncharted 3 a 9 because of their trolling status. I was expecting a 8 or their Infamous 7s.

girlwithturn2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

LBP got 10/10. Every remastered version of Zelda got 10/10. But Edge is retarted anyway.

Joegrine202428d ago

"Every remastered version of Zelda got 10/10" ummmmm edge only gave Zelda OOT a 10 so i dont knw what ur gettin at. Anyways Uncharted and Zelda FTW!! I have a Wii And PS3 ,Xbox sux cuz they have no exclusive.

seinfan2428d ago

^^lol look at this guy and his little wiinis.

SockeyBoy2428d ago

Its a F****ing 9! 9 and next comes 10! Its a freaking awesome score...F**K!

BluePumpkin72428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

dude LBP is not just original it's fun it's fresh it's MIND BLOWINGLY AWESOME... and finally it's as original as originality can get

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Septic2429d ago

So do the conspiracy theories end here or shall we wait for another exclusive game to score lower than 9 and let the theories re-surface again?

mendicant2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

They'll continue and get worse. Look bellow you (or above you) for proof.

rob60212428d ago

You mean the statistical anomaly where they rate 360 exclusives higher than PS3 exclusives? Statistically speaking, they are a long ways from righting that wrong. No one thinks it's a conspiracy, it's just consistent bias - where it's easy to see how it's unfair.

Virus2012428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

C-O-N spiracy.

snp2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I don't know if the "conspiracy theories" will end, but the statistical bias certainly doesn't.

This game series, and the British made LBP are the only two large exclusives to have bucked the trend on Edge PS3 scores. If anything they are the exception which proves the rule.

Hell, the fact that you're in here in such a rush to use this score is testament to how rare such a score from Edge on a PS3 exclusive is.

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elshadi2429d ago

EDGE 9/10 is like a 20/10
i'm super happy right now

humbleopinion2428d ago

Here are the scores:
Skyward Sword [10]

Uncharted 3 [9]

Batman AC [9]

Dark Souls [9]

Rage [7]

Super Mario 3D Land [8]

Forza 4 [8]

Disgaea 4 [8]

Ratchet All 4 One [6]

Ace Combat [8]

Dance Central 2 [8]

MaximusPrime2428d ago

Forza 4 was given 8/10?

About time

humbleopinion2428d ago

Yep, just above the 7/10 GT5 got there last year

Ult iMate2428d ago

Don't forget, that we are talking about Edge.
7/10 for PS3 exclusive from Edge is not so surprising as 8/10 for an Xbox360 exclusive.

kikizoo2428d ago

You cand add 1 to 3 points on each ps3 exclusives scores from edge, so it's a 10 ;)

Zoomer762428d ago

And why cant you fools on here take there review at face value, instead making up some scoring rule to suit your own neads in justifying your opinion on a game you havent played.

This dosent just apply to U3 but to any PS3 exclusive you feel youve been wronged on, a review is an opinion of one person yet whenever a review dosent meet the expected score on N4G you cry foul play and that the magazine is biased to another console.

Edge is a magazine of the highest quality which I have enjoyed reading for many years and of course Ive not always agreed with there scores, but guess what that is my opinion I certainly dont go crying about!!

Back on topic this game is going to awsome release cant come soon enough.

andibandit2428d ago


sounds cool

You can also add 50 points to all PC and 360 reviews, so Forza 4 would be a 48/10 :)

showtimefolks2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

if you look at all the review scores coming in than you know UC3 is gonna get all mid to high 9s. I believe this will win GOTY unless skyrim out does it which also can happen

now i can't wait till 11-1-11 to get my copy of the game sad that none of the stores in my area are doing midnight launch

AEtherbane2428d ago

People continue to complain about Edge giving bad scores to PS3, but when you actually take the time to see what scores they actually give PS3 games, it's not that much different from any other console.... Just saying, but haters gona hate.

miyamoto2428d ago

The Europeansites lile edge n eurogamer thought they are high class but their traditions says otherwise. they sit on their high horses for what? I am so glad Sony PlayStation endured the likes pf them sites. The truth will keep on marching on! Rock on PlayStation!

mandf2428d ago

How lame is Gamingbolt that they can't post their own review they have to post Edge's?

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thekiddfran2429d ago

That is an incredible score. This and zelda are going to be incredible!!!!!

CommonSense2429d ago

doesn't it make you wonder why the headline isn't about Zelda? or how about something neutral..."Edge Scores for November."

Joegrine202428d ago

Actually their magazine cover has zelda all over it.

CommonSense2428d ago

that has nothing to do with my point.

TheColbertinator2429d ago

Same as Uncharted 2 then.That's certainly good.I enjoy EDGE and their unbiased reviews particularly towards Playstation franchises.

Rage_S902429d ago

Hahaha well done colbert, well done.

Bolts2429d ago

So I only have one week with BF 3 before Uncharted 3 start knocking on my door? Shit. To make matters worst I only have a two weeks with Uncharted 3 before Skyrim drops.

Damn these idiot publishers and their hard on for releasing all the games in the 4th quarter.

banner2428d ago

I know! Makes no sense really... IMO if you make a great game it will sell good no matter what time of year it is unless you release it around the same time as a bunch of other great games.