Helghast Invade Uncharted 3 MP? More PS Characters to come?

Dualshock Nexus: It appears that from a recently leaked video of Uncharted's MP options that the helghast will once again invade Uncharted. Will we be seeing the return of the Playstation Heroes Skin Pack for Uncharted 3?

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WillGuitarGuy2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

OMG! That looks awesome. I wonder if its just going to be the same characters from the Playstation Heroes pack but with new looks or if they're going to add others. Kratos with an ak. Too silly?

flavorbabies2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Silly yes. Bad ass yes. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing that?

NewMonday2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

i want so see Kratos!

and maybe Sweet Tooth

Ares902462d ago

Kratos pumping it... dreaming is free

Electroshocked2462d ago

Silly in the same way Uncharted 2's MP DLC had Cole McGrath using an AK-47, but still freaking awesome. It would be great if they added a PlayStation Heroes DLC for Uncharted 3's MP, but giving each character their own unique animations, for example, Cole McGrath would use his Amp for melee combat, now that would be absolutely amazing.

SOD_Delta2462d ago

I like the capture Helghast. I expect to see Resistance characters as well. MGS characters would be cool. Snake would be so awesome.

flavorbabies2462d ago

I wonder why they never added Snake in Uncharted 2. I hope they add him in Uncharted 3!

WillGuitarGuy2462d ago

You know what would be awesome? If Naughty Dog got Resistance 3 weapons in Uncharted 3. OMG!!!!!! Make it happen!

SOD_Delta2462d ago

@ WillGuitarGuy Great idea, but if they were "new" weapons that could unbalance the game. I don't see them adding them day one. Skin DLC for the guns however could work.

BigBoss19642462d ago

Naughty Dog said they will be putting in first party characters at the AMC event btw capture trooper looks badass

flavorbabies2462d ago

Which city or day did you go? On Weds. in LA they didn't mention that. Good to know ND says so!

BigBoss19642462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Here you go =) that should answer your question

WillGuitarGuy2462d ago

I was at the AMC event in LA on the 19th and I didn't see them when I was choosing my character. Yes though, the capture trooper is badass. I'm excited.

Goeres2462d ago

Most badass villains in this generation in the most badass franchise?

Yes please.

Which makes me wonder why GG didn't take the Helgast route instead of ISA. People LOVE the helghast!

KwietStorm2462d ago

Well I wonder why they did a lot of things with Killzone 3.

Goeres2462d ago

You're not the only one ;)

Swiggins2461d ago

British Nazi's are the most badass villains this generation?

Huh? Who knew...

floetry1012462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I scrolled past this thumbnail thinking it was Crash Bandicoot related, with the colours and everything.

Pretty close.

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The story is too old to be commented.