Is Too Much Emphasis Placed On Graphics?

The current hardware generation has allowed for the creation of worlds that are almost photorealistic and developers have leapt upon this with reckless abandon, continually pushing the boundaries of what is graphically possible. But is this really the best move?

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Wizziokid2278d ago

"Is Too Much Emphasis Placed On Graphics?"
this gen? yes

dangert122278d ago

I go on as if i love graphics but the games ive played the most this year are disgeae, terraria, minecraft, project zombiod, socom 4 and GTA III

princejb1342278d ago

i feel like developers spend more time making the game look pretty than making the game fun to play
ill take gameplay over graphics any day

cpayne932278d ago

I'm pretty sure Dice said that bf3 wouldn't have split screen co op because the graphics would take a hit. Don't know about everyone else, but I would rather have the local co op even if it didn't look as pretty.

BX812278d ago

@Wizziokid, I disagree. With todays tech there should be a heafty view on graphics. Not to say there aren't fun games that don't look up to standard. I think for the most part gamers want games that play/look well than games that play well and look bleh.

Pozzle2277d ago

To be fair, graphics have always been pretty important to developers. Even during the PSone/N64 days, games like Final Fantasy VII-IX, Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario 64 were really pushing the limits of graphics at the time of their release.

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The Meerkat2278d ago

The way I see it.

Graphics sell games.
Frame rates keep people playing them.

ArchangelMike2278d ago

It's really about the immersion, higher graphical fidelity usually increases the level of immersion in a game. For example, go and play some of your favourite PS1 games now. There will inevitably be a lower level of immersion than when you first experienced those games. It's just natural progression of technology and expectations.

AntBoogy902278d ago

Idk bro, Final Fantasy 7 had me.

I was sucked into that Lifestream vortex.

KingPin2278d ago

lmao how are you getting disagrees. lol

can people not see its a double negative.

Quagmire2278d ago

Yes. Of course no one these days wants to play games which look like PS2 graphics, however there is WAY too much focus on game graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.