Battlefield 3 Producer "really excited with what we are achieving on six year old consoles".;

DICE and Battlefield 3 Producer Patrick Bach -

"It’s just that the PC looks better. It doesn’t mean that it’s less of a game or you get more of the game if you get the PC version. So people should be really excited with what we are achieving on six year old consoles rather than being upset that we can’t achieve the 2011 PC quality."

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ape0072283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

can't wait to buy it, put that disk in my 360, install HD texture pack ad boom

I also cannot wait for MW3 , man o man, what a great time for military shooter fans

VampiricDragon2283d ago

yeah a 5 hour main game, and on rails scenes. Real exciting

Graphics arent everything

IrishAssa2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Yeah, you could say that for almost every game this gen, specially the Ps3 exclusives http://th1099.photobucket.c...

Haha, nah really though every game with Nice graphics this gen is linear, specially the shooters.

Oh wow Vampiric Dragon..your comments...are you one of the rare nintendo fanboys?

NuclearDuke2283d ago

I don't understand why they wish to add singleplayer. Every review so far says the the Battlefield 3 singleplayer is horrible, but the multiplayer is fun.

Clayman2283d ago

A lot people don't play multiplayer but because the game is so popular they still want to play it. That's why they need the singleplayer.

IrishAssa2283d ago

Shoulda had a Dinosaur mode instead of Single player/

earbus2283d ago

Yeah i dont think it needed a singleplayer at all i may play it one day multi up.

GraveLord2283d ago

Really? It seems to me you keep bashing PS3 and 360 left and right.

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