Fatal Inertia PS3 Coming Spring 2008

Oh, Fatal Inertia. Once announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive launch title by Koei, the Unreal Engine 3-powered racer eventually went multi-platform and released on Xbox 360 first, while the company struggled to get the PS3 version up to speed. The recent completion of Unreal Tournament III on PS3 means studios should have an easier time developing on Sony's hardware with Epic Games' engine, but that doesn't help the dozens and dozens of companies who have been attempting to make it work now.

Koei recently issues an updated release schedule to the media, with Fatal Inertia conspicuously absent from the list. When asked, the publisher said there was no formal release date for the futuristic racer, but they expected the PS3 version to arrive sometime in Spring 2008. There's no word on if the PS3 version will include additional content, but given the delays have been technical issues, 1UP wouldn't rule it out.

People can get a taste of the game right now, however, by logging into Xbox Live and downloading the demo.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3922d ago

Absolutely don't care about this game...
But it's funny to see that it was for the PS3 line up and then the 360 version is already out... ^^

Kaneda3921d ago

They should have just cancel this game. :) stop wasting money making crappy game!

marinelife93921d ago

I saw one look at the movies on this game and wrote it off my list. It plays slow and graphically looks unimpressive. It really didn't look like much fun at all.

PS3 Limps on and on3922d ago

then it went Multi for obvious reasons. It was never 360 exclusive, just delayed on PS3 because PS3 had Unreal engine issues.

Issues that now seem to be solved.

Spike473922d ago

so it was released already on the 360?

wangdiddy823922d ago

I cant wait to get this................... LOL YEA RIGHT.. This game looks fing gay as hell.. lol..

Darkiewonder3922d ago

Why Koei must you torture us?

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The story is too old to be commented.