Top 13 Most Magical Final Fantasy Moments

For those of you who don't know, Final Fantasy is a popular videogame series created by Square Enix that began in 1987. Each installment takes place in a new world with new stories and characters, which is why it's up to installment 14, plus various spinoffs. Both properties have highly imaginative worlds, diverse characters, meaningful stories and even magical moments. Moments that fill the player with different emotions.

These are the top 13 most magical Final Fantasy moments.

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xer02463d ago

I never got to beat this game, but I remember the intro and tv trailer very well.

I still have it in my attic somewhere but I can't get myself motivated enough to beat it. Meh... I even bought a copy from the PSN :)

MrNivea2463d ago

I love Final Fantasy 8, it had some amazing moments in the game which are so memorable plus Squalls characters transformation is the best in a FF game.

"this event is what will make Squall evolve from an antisocial and cold soldier to an honorable man and hero who fights for the ones he loves."

Finally someone actually has played the game and has realised this instead of just doing what all the other sheep do and follow the leader that Squall is just a jerk...basicaly the character we see at the start of the game not the character which he turns out to be.

We have the intro which is the best intro for any FF in my opinion because of the music

Hell the music could count as a great moment as it fills the game with so much emotion

The Waltz for the moon scene

and we have the Garden see this in HD would be a dream come true, hurry up with that FF7 remake Square so you can get started on FF8

zerocrossing2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )


I mean FF7 is a fantastic game no one's disputing that, but FF8 had some truly amazing moments and more people should play it so than can see for themselves that it's just as good, if not better in some ways than FF7.

BritneyJ2462d ago

Yea, both were good, in their own unique ways.

kefkah2463d ago

To me, your nailed it on the #1 magical moment. Every once in a while, I pull out the game just to hear and relive it.

kramun2462d ago

My most magic moment was when I realised that the series had turned to shit after FF7 and I didn't have to spend a penny on the rest of the crap they churned out and could put my money on far more deserving games.

That was my magic moment.

shikamaroooo2462d ago

Link never worked for me?? I and mine was in FFX when sin gets lured and there is a massive fight

Relientk772462d ago

Link is not working for me either

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The story is too old to be commented.