Console Domination: Batman: Arkham City Review

Console Domination writes: In 2009, if you had told me that a superhero game would win a game of the year award, I would have laughed in your face and told you to keep dreaming. But then it happened, in the form of one Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was a landmark title that stayed true to its source material without turning into a forgettable affair inside 20 minutes, built an amazing atmosphere that immersed players for hours and provided some of the better hand-to-hand combat mechanics we've seen in a game to date. Simply put, it was a pleasant surprise, and with Arkham City now on offer, one wonders whether it can live up to the benchmark set by its much loved predecessor...Lets find out!

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BushLitter2316d ago

I'm pretty sure that Arkham Asylum was only nominated for GOTY. It did not win that award.

hard joe2316d ago

i like the name of the site
console ftw

intoxica2316d ago

Depends on what site you follow Bush, GOTY really means nothing.