GameTrailers: Battlefield PC Review

The Battlefield series has multiplayer locked down. As good as it's multiplayer has been, its single-player campaigns have almost all been mediocre, leaving more casual players marooned. Can Battlefield 3 deliver the complete experience?

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NewMonday1830d ago

everyone reviewing the PC game, it will be interesting to see console reviews, cant see them getting the same scores.

Marcuskac1830d ago

Why.....why do i have to live in Europe now!

AO1JMM1830d ago

28th for you guys right?

JohnApocalypse1830d ago

Yup. But sometimes GAME is awesome and mails me my pre-order on Thursday

SirBillyBones1830d ago

@JohnApocalypse: I dont hold out much hope of getting it early tbh. My friend pre ordered Arkham City from them and it came a day late :/ One can hope though!

Ghoul1830d ago

i live in europe an i get my copy by 6 PM TODAY :) muahahah

AsianOnRoute691830d ago

Very good score, so anxious to play it now!

AO1JMM1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Loving the PC versions visuals in the review. Counting the hours until I get my copy. Bring it!!!!

Nice review

Ghoul1830d ago

7 for me :) (and europe)

nanana hihi

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