IGN: Battlefield 3 (PC) Video Review

How does DICE's new shooter shape up now that it's in the wild? Check out the Battlefield 3 (PC) review to find out.

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DaThreats1677d ago

Got at least a 9
So people can't say it was a failure.

Skip_Bayless1677d ago

Yup.. PC is done now. The game was suppose to force people to upgrade to PC and ditch 360/PS3 momentarily for the wait of Xbox 720 and PS4.

Avernus1677d ago

My girlfriend and I have a long distance relationship. I cut my visit short just to come back home in time to play this awesome game!

Of course she thinks I have an important meeting.

chidori6661677d ago

IGN reviews= laame.

game is at least 9.5 score IMO.

shikamaroooo1677d ago

In your opinion? I'm guessing you've finished the game

evrfighter1677d ago

9's a good score.

but come on. It's IGN the 9.5 is reserved for mw3. Be thankful

Trunkz Jr1677d ago

9.5 Are you kidding? They will give MW3 a perfect score just because it's CoD.

Tachyon_Nova1676d ago

Just fyi, IGN gave Black Ops an 8.5, and just the other day Batman got a 9.5 from them.

I bet if you do an analysis of IGN scores versus metacritic averages that IGN are more consistently close to the metacritic average than almost any other website.

Disccordia1676d ago

That extra 0.5% is really important

swishersweets200311677d ago

IMO this game can be scored whatever. 2, 3.. 10.. 9.. 8 who cares.. BF has a fanbase. Not as big as COD.
Everyone hated on Bc2, bc2 vietnam showed up. people still hate. Slowly.. more and more come to the bc2, and love the vietnam. It is a hidden jem in gaming. I say by next year qoute me on it too.. doesnt matter what shooter comes out.. with full confidence in dice.. this game will be the one everyone says is better than the other.

want proof. look up bc2 vs anything else.. everyone wants more BF over anything else.

Shackdaddy8361677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Kinda bugs me that if they left out SP (giving us less content) then they would have probably received a higher score. I've seen this happen a lot of times on IGN and other sites and it really just bothers me...

w/e. still getting the game and I still can't wait!

Ducky1676d ago

...then the negative would be the lack of proper SP.
Kind of like how it was with Brink.

Shackdaddy8361676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

How come batman got a 9.5 without a multiplayer then...

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The story is too old to be commented.