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Here's one of the first reviews for Battlefield 3's Singleplayer-Mode. It's good. But it's not brilliant.

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caboose322339d ago

Why would you review Battlefield's singleplayer alone?

That's like just rating Dead Space 2's multiplayer.

shikamaroooo2339d ago

Not everyone plays multiplayer

caboose322339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Then you shouldn't be buying a Battlefield game.

Unless you want to pay $60 for a slapped on 6 hour Single player campaign.

CloseSecond2339d ago

I dare say if you're just after the single player experience then it wont matter when you pick this game up. Probably next year when its a budget price.

shikamaroooo2339d ago

Yet people would pay that much to play cods single player

Ghoul2339d ago

i cant understand it too.

BF is mainly a MP game,
and since when do we review certain parts of the game ?

package review or no score this is pathetic (not because of the score but of the method)

AsianOnRoute692339d ago

These guys usually rate the single player separately and give it a score and then they review the multiplayer separately and give that a score

pr0digyZA2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Wow great score for just the single player, the overall score must be up in the 90's then.