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review of battlefield 3 from one of swedens biggest sites


second opinion - 9/10

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padz12456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

How can an 8 8 9 and 10 make an 8/10? Im not complaining because I haven't played the game but that seems a little stupid.

Edit: Oh its a 9 now.

evrfighter2456d ago

lol second opinion wow.

looks like swedens biggest site is more of a joke

SOD_Delta2456d ago

What's wrong about an 8? 8/10 is a good score.

veChuy2456d ago

second opinion in least than 10 mins wtf?

AsianOnRoute692456d ago

They pressed the publish button too quickly lol!

padz12456d ago

Thats what im saying! :S

Laxman2456d ago

No, a few got in above you! They're getting quicker!

hotskys2456d ago

i know :( us neutral people that accept game reviews for whatever they are and just play the game are just too slow and too few these days.

Goeres2456d ago

Same site gave BO a 9 ;)