Looking back on Silent Hill Homecoming

The Game Den covers the OTHER black sheep of the Silent Hill series.

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kramun2461d ago

She would make for a great boss for a future SH game.

Megaton2461d ago

Game gets a lotta hate, but it grew on me. Certainly not one of my favorites, but enjoyable enough for me to beat it several times.

gaden_malak2461d ago

I liked it, except including Pyramid Head. There is a point to Pyramid Head and they didn't know it.

kramun2461d ago

The only logical thing I can add to your comment is this - When thinking of something to add to a Farmhouse Vegetable cup a soup, do not add Peri peri sauce, it will taste absolutely vile and leave a long lingering taste which you will find unpleasent to say the least.

JsonHenry2461d ago

I have liked all of the Silent Hill games to date. Some more than others. But they all have the same creepy vibe.