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IGN: Battlefield 3 PC Review

When you shut down Battlefield 3 and let the Frostbite 2-powered dust settle, it certainly has some problems. But DICE’s adoration of and expertise with the online experience permeates every aspect of its multiplayer. Regardless of the narrative missteps or the occasional glitches, Battlefield 3 offers an unforgettable, world-class multiplayer suite that's sure to excite shooter fans, whether they fired their first bullet in Battlefield 1942 or have just now heeded Battlefield's call of duty. (Battlefield 3, PC) 9.0/10

-Alpha  +   1495d ago
Expected like a 9.5 minimum considering the hype it got. Looking at the breakdown scores, they were pretty strict with it too.

Not surprised to hear the major criticisms revolve around the story as there was barely anything shown. BC2's story was really hokey too so I wasn't expecting them to do a 180 in terms of story telling, but BC2 was at least open. According to IGN the campaign is linear. And they were really specific about the bugs too. Seems like most of the attention went to the multiplayer, but an all rounded product would have been better.

I wonder if the console reviews will be lower? More bugs maybe, plus significantly restricted MP should warrant a lower score.
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xPhearR3dx  +   1495d ago
Same here. 9 isn't bad at all though, but this is just for PC. So after they play the 360/PS3 version considering it's less players and stuff, they might end up giving it an 8.5. Either way, I'll be picking up my 360 copy tomorrow.


Yeah, don't really care about the story, but I'll definitely play through it. More interested in the co-op personally.
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Finger-Eater  +   1495d ago
Yeah I was expecting a 8.5 but looks like the beta did help the game overall, not really complaining about story though, who plays a FPS like BF/COD for the story.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1495d ago
Interesting. So to the people that rely on IGN scores, RAGE is the graphics king.
NeoBasch  +   1495d ago
They should have let Danger Close handle the single-player. They did a good job with Medal of Honor. So long as they have a competent engine, I expect great things.

I'm honestly hoping for an experience akin to Generation Kill with Battlefield 3. Probably won't happen, but a man can dream. The E3 demo gave a Hurt Locker type intensity. I wonder if they were able to keep that going throughout. That's where DICE really captured my attention.
Ghoul  +   1495d ago
its a great score ffs

how can anyone nitpick on it,
besides bf3 is getting reviewd very hard so a 9.0 is an awesome score
Surfaced  +   1495d ago
They gave BF2 (PC) an 8.9, six years ago.
This is good enough for me.
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gustave154  +   1495d ago
pretty good review and score.
don't expect MW3 to get more than a 9 too.
Biggest  +   1495d ago
You're joking, right? MW3 will get a 10. Not because it deserves a 10, but it will get a 10.
gravemaker  +   1495d ago
glitchy mess Rage-graphic - 10
best graphics EVER in video game BF3 - 9.5

ign, im dissapoint
Laxman  +   1495d ago
Actually, Rage has some of the finest visuals in any game this year. Its the best looking console game (I know this review is for the PC), and looks much better than BF3 on the Xbox. Im sure these guys take into consideration things like draw distance, attention to detail, character models, animation, textures - the list goes on - when rating a games graphics, which although I didnt like the game much at all, im not blind to see that Rage has better than this. Only because of the setting and the fact they could do whatever they want cause its fantasy, and DICE had to make this realistic.
AllroundGamer  +   1495d ago
sorry, but i played Rage with a custom config with ultra settings on and the textures upclose were horrible and washed out even on the ultra settings, so...
despair  +   1495d ago
I agree with AllroundGamer, I play with max settings and much of rage textures do not look good close up. There are some remarkably good looking areas in the game but some really ugly stuff as well.

But I didn't get a single graphical bug yet though (with the patch) and I'm using an NVIDIA card so that helps as well. Still I have to see BF3 myself to know, plus remember that the high quality textures do not make all of graphics as artistic design and the game in motion adds to that category.
Taz Yamauchi  +   1495d ago
Lol gravemaker I was thinking the same thing too
OpiZA  +   1495d ago
Great score, bring on friday
rattletop  +   1495d ago
nice. now just 3 more days 4 me..
megaworm25  +   1495d ago
the could have given the game a 0/10 for all i care

it looks bloody amazing!!!
gamerwiips360  +   1495d ago
Very Impressive score...
I havn't expected anything less for the PC Version, which has to be superior. A 9 from IGN (Though many say IGNorant) nowadays considered to be a great score.

After an enormous hype finally, Seems somewat DICE has delivered. Wat a Time to be GAMERS!!!
Started with Deus Ex HR,then Gears 3, Then Batman, Now BF3 and later UC3........ Too much to ask even from GOD!
AsianOnRoute69  +   1495d ago
A very fair score. Cant wait to play it at midnight tonight on pc, then pick up my ps3 copy tomorrow morning!
Ezio2048  +   1495d ago
i expected the same...
Chidori  +   1495d ago
I feel like the scored suffered more than it should because of the campaign that 99% of people won't care about. The reviewer definitely made it the focal point of the review when it should have been the multiplayer experience IMO.

Graphics definitely deserve a full 10 though.
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Shadowaste  +   1495d ago
so the console version will get a 7/10 right ign???

yeah right.....like they have the balls to be honest....

32v32, 64v64
16x AA, Soft shadows, true, real time hdr

jaggies everywhere, pop-in, moving shadows (at least what i saw on the 360 and ps3 beta)

if they give the console version higher than an 8 they are total cowards and liars!
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Laxman  +   1495d ago
Dude,Ii keep seeing comments everywhere, and without first reading your name, just think to myself 'wow, this guy is a d**"k". Then I look who it is, and get a nice big feeling of familiarity.

Ever think a different reviewer might review the console versions? Thus a different opinion would be had? Also, any good reviewer wouldnt compare a PC verion of Battlefield to a 5-year-old-console version, as that would be stupid, worthless and very unprofessional. They review it for what it is, not what it isnt.
Tintin  +   1495d ago
Maybe now BF3 fans and EA/Dice will stop trolling MW3, afterall it's going to out score this over hyped buggy linear game
Shackdaddy836  +   1495d ago
They gave Black Ops an 8.5 because it didn't change enough from MW2. And that had the ever popular zombie mode in it.

Just what do you think they are going to rate MW3 when it's using the same engine and basically the same multiplayer/singleplayer infrastructure?
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evrfighter  +   1495d ago
mw3 is getting no less than a 9.5 from ign. you can take that to the bank
Shackdaddy836  +   1495d ago
^^ I will bet money that MW3 will get between an 8 and 9 on IGN.
Laxman  +   1495d ago
Ironic that you call BF linear when comapring it to Call of Duty.
Biggest  +   1495d ago
Well, if you think about it he is right (crazy). In BF3 you are given tons of freedom. They GIVE you the freedom. In MW3 you get to imagine it. Imagination is always less linear than reality.
despair  +   1495d ago

The irony of your statement just too funny.
Jdrm03  +   1495d ago
i don't understand the 8.5 for gameplay....a few qte moments shouldn't knock gameplay down that much....
Shackdaddy836  +   1495d ago
I'm mostly bugged on the sound. Why would they give BF3 a 9.5 on sound? I mean, that's a good score, but BF games are known for their sounds. They even have a "premium" sound setting you can use called "war tapes"...
veChuy  +   1495d ago
8.5 gameplay, really? how much activison pays u?
iistuii  +   1495d ago
well has anyone
Actually read this review. For starters there bug galore, legs sticking through buildings, bodies buried in the mountainside, floating objects, dead AI still standing, In single player theres hardly anything to fly or drive its short and trite and frustrating, poor AI in coop.Console versions need a patch before they begin to review it. After reading that, and thats what he, the reviewer said, can you honestly give it a 9 Amazing ?
Biggest  +   1495d ago
If you take into account some of the other games in the same genre that they've given higher scores to, yes. They should honestly give it a 9 or better.
mahfuz27  +   1495d ago
i am not trying to troll, but IGN is very biased. Battlefield 3 deserves more than a 9, and they are being very picky with the bugs. Anyone remember the number of bugs in MW2? not to mention the graphics were considerably worse than BF3.....it got 9.5 -_-

You cant spell Ignorance without IGN =)

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