The Top 9 Sonic Characters that Need to Retire

BT: Now, I’m excited as hell for Sonic Generations, which, at the time of this list’s posting, will be hitting store shelves very soon. And since that game is all about Sonic going back to his roots and remembering his past, I shall do the same by presenting you all with the complete antithesis of that early list. We’re looking at nine characters from the Sonic series that I wish would just go away. Far away. Really far away. But instead, these characters keep popping up in almost every game released! Why, Sega? WHY?!

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Relientk772374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I like how the picture says top 10 Sonic characters, but then the title says top 9, all I see is lies. I went through the list and came upon #5 Silver the Hedgehog and stopped. I have no idea who Silver the Hedgehog is and I have never heard of him lol

Quagmire2374d ago

Any character who wasnt in the first 3 sonic games should all be killed in a horrific car crash, save for Metal Sonic.

HurstDarkStar2374d ago

only metal and knuckles shall remain i dont mind shadow just caught all the bullcrap with the guns and bikes ( why does the fastest being alive need a bike anyway?)