Angry Joe Plays Dark Souls

Angry Joe Plays the Sequel to one of the hardest games on PS3, Dark Souls. With the tagline, “Prepare to Die”, this RPG promises to be even harder! Can Angry Joe make it through the first level without flipping out? Does the game live up to its reputation? Find out!

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BiggCMan2459d ago

It was a mistake to go into this game without playing Demon's Souls. That is like your practice for Dark Souls basically, and he thought all the talk about it being really hard was bull. HA, well i'm sure he will get the hang of it eventually. The game doesn't get immensely hard in the beginning, it's later on.

Godmars2902459d ago

There are tons of things that Dark Souls does that Demons Soul's doesn't - like give you an obvious open doorway to run away from the massive demon trying to kill you.

Couldn't believe that Joe couldn't see that.

Max Power2459d ago

I missed it a for awhile as well, I as too busy trying not to die.

Megaton2459d ago

I almost didn't buy Fable 3 because of this guy, something I would have regretted looking back.

MasterCornholio2459d ago

Angry How shouldn't play this game cause he might turn into the hulk and destroy half the neighbourhood.


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