The Biggest Games of the Season So Far: 3 Successes and 3 Failures

There are a lot of big releases left before the year's end, but a few games have already come out this Fall that you should be playing right now. On the other hand, there are a few games that we'd expected to be great but didn't quite hit the mark.

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Objective2337d ago

ICO...? They had to throw in a remake to balance the scales I see... Proper success list should be Gears, Batman and Forza.

buckley2337d ago

Forza was a strong consideration, but I certainly felt ICO should be listed and wanted to keep it 3 a side.

GamersRulz2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

a remake thats better than anything on 360 with all due respect.

Gamer19822337d ago

We already knew what Forza was going to sell so not surprised it was missing off the list. The same people buy Forza every year and its the same game with slightly better graphics and a few new features. Unlike Batman which could have failed if done wrong. Team Ico could have also failed re-releasing so late after originals. That's what this list is games that could have failed but didn't and games that should have done well but didn't. Forza fits into neither of them it did exactly as expected.

Objective2337d ago

Forza took the crown as the best in it's genre and improved on every aspect of the game. ICO is just a HD re-make of the same old game that was celebrated before. But of course a re-make is a bigger deal... Ha! Whatever.

Captain Qwark 92337d ago

its not a "complete" success list without dark souls imo, best game i have played so far this year. i finished it which says alot becuase i usually get bored with games and dont finsh them......

didnt finish....
gears 3
deux ex
dragon age 2
infamous ( just got around to it )
3d dot heroes ( just got around to it )

dark souls

sadly thats all the games i have played this year, what can i say im busy yet still managed 64 hrs in DS.....

MariaHelFutura2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

The Team Ico Collection is one of the best $39.99 disc ever created. Plus the games didn't get the respect they deserved when they came out and the games is still pulling straight 9s and 10s.....10 years later (from people who never played them on PS2). This is completely a contender for GOTY, its one of the highest rated games this generation. Which is a testament to how ahead of their time Team Ico really is.

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shikamaroooo2337d ago

Where is resistance 3 is got successful reviews

death2smoochie2337d ago

Sold so so but the game IMO is amazing

Kurt Russell2337d ago

Resistance 3 is a great game... But the ones mentioned are better is all.

buckley2337d ago

Had strongly considered listing this one, but it was a great game that didn't sell like a success, and scored a little lower than a lot of people expected, so it fell on the fence. I went with the more definitive titles.

Gamer19822337d ago

Then why list ICO if basing on sales? ICO has sold just over 300k copies so far and its not looking like its gonna get much more than 400k in its lifetime. Deus Ex should have been on failures

buckley2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

@Gamer1982 Was trying to take all aspects into account. ICO Collection didn't sell well but has matched Gears of War 3 on Metacritic. Certainly can't call that a failure. Resistance 3 didn't sell well AND also scored lower than expected.

And Deus Ex metacritic'd at 89. Not a failure.

Ultr2337d ago

ICO and Shadow! great games, did not play them in the ps2 era, I bought the collection, and the games are really, really great! love em both

StrongMan2337d ago

Where is Brink for biggest failure?

buckley2337d ago

Brink was released in May

StrongMan2337d ago

My mistake. Forgot it said "season".