Sony prepping Heavenly Sword revival?

Rumors of a sequel to 2007's slasher, Heavenly Sword - from Ninja Theory and Sony, have been floating around... pretty much since it's release. However, nothing solid has cropped up to either prove or dis-prove this rumor. However, it does get a little more interesting, as an IMDB entry lists "Heavenly Sword" (due in 2012)

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Dante1122317d ago

I hope so, I thought HS was awesome.

jc485732317d ago

I would rather see a remake of Heavenly Sword with better story and less convoluted lines. Well, I really don't mind a "revival" as they say with a new character and all, but please don't go ahead and call it Heavenly Sword 2. I'm getting sick of the numbers. How about Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Sabre just like the good old Chinese Novel??

Taz Yamauchi2317d ago

How the hell would they remake a game that was released this generation on the same console for the same console

Dee_912317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

I disagree I LOVED the story.
But I do agree about not calling it just heavenly sword2.

Hevnly sword is on my list of games to beat again
along with mirrors edge and heavy rain

[email protected]
I didnt even comprehend that at first I thought I misread it

Thatguy-3102316d ago

Maybe a PS4 launch title :)

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2317d ago

Hopefully, this is one of those games that not enough people played.

execution172317d ago

I bought it day one and loved every minute of it, just wish a sequel does come out

golsilva2317d ago

i dont think ninja theory would be developing it. they actually stated before that they wanted to do a sequel but sony did not want it (probably due to it not meeting sales expectations) plus add in the fact that they are working on the dmc reboot so its impossible for them to work on it right now. I think the best fit for sony would be to have santa monica studios do since they have a ton of action hack/slash experience, but they are working on a new ip. I think a vita game would be very interesting given it would probably cheaper and easier to develop

rdgneoz32317d ago

After all the crap Ninja Theory talked, I hope they don't make it. And as you (golsilva) said, give it to Santa Monica Studios, they'd probably be one of the few to do the IP justice.

colonel1792317d ago

If they released a sequel, it would be better to release on PS3. If it was a launch game for PS4 it could be in the same situation where nobody played it.

SMS would be great for Heavenly Sword. They already have the experience with GOW.

DarkBlood2317d ago

would love a sequal just beat it for the first time some weeks ago

Relientk772317d ago

Do we want a Heavenly Sword sequel? The answer is yes

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The story is too old to be commented.