Is GT5 A.I. Really Better Than Forza 4?

With the release of Forza 4 comes the predictable Forza vs: GT5 comparisons and fanboy wars in any forum that mentions either title. Common sense will say that either title has its ups and downs, and it is best to enjoy both for what they are. But when have the internet, fanboys, and common sense ever played well together? Attack of the fanboy reviews some AI footage from both games, and throws in some real racing footage for good measure. The "realism" may shock you.

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vishant1012311d ago

forza's a.i as far as i have noticed isn't like real world drivers its more like gaming drivers they try to brake later and they try to pull off things they would never do in real life, but that makes the ai enjoyable they don't feel like perfect drivers.

teething2311d ago

Each driver has personality and different driving characteristics (good and bad such as clean vs: aggressive). That is what I like. The AI at the front of the pack are there for a reason.

Dante1122311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

So, AOTF says the A.I for both suck (due to difficulty setting changes). But yeah, I agree with them, both are good games in their own right. No need for the "King" articles.

Me-Time2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"...both are good games in their own right. No need for the "King" articles."

I second that.

Dee_912311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

"Sadly the Spec 2.0 version of GT5 had no mention of A.I upates"

"Improved physics and artificial intelligence"

Shikoro2310d ago

Yup, they obviously don't know what AI means. .P

cvflyboy2310d ago

Thank you Dmarc yo beat me to it.. This guy is obviously a rookie at what he does because that was one of the biggest things talked about during the release of the 2.0 update. He then shows video of of the AI before the update like WTF?... way to mislead people but hey what do expect now and days.

"Sadly the Spec 2.0 version of GT5 had no mention of A.I upates".. This quote here from your article just shows how much effort you put in your job.. SMH noobs :D

Me-Time2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"Yup, they obviously don't know what AI means. .P"

Ain't nuthin', but a thang.

On a more serious note, this article was made to show that FM4 doesn't have overly-aggressive a.i. It was a clever way of justifying FM4's bumper hitting and erratic a.i. Ask the people that own FM4. The a.i. loves to crash into them, which isn't realistic.

With the two updates GT5 has had for a.i., their behavior is much more human like. The only problem is that they're too slow going around corners. It's not a problem to me, but it is for the more competitive Sim racers. I'm far from being a competitive person, so it doesn't frustrate me. I like that the a.i. doesn't try running me off of the line I'm sanely choosing. If you were to cut in front of them as you're entering a corner, they back off as well as they can depending on how possible and realistic the overtaking is. In other words, don't treat any racing game like you're playing Burnout.

Hufandpuf2311d ago

I liked GRID's AI, the drivers would make mistakes and it made the racing more unpredictable and fun albeit unrealistic.

BlmThug2310d ago

Forza 4 AI on professional is quite good

Me-Time2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

That's nice. Blmthug is cool.